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VENTS Quiet-Mild 100 Duo

Two-speed axial low-noise and low energy fans for exhaust ventilation with air flow up to 90 m³/h.

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Parameter min max Measurement unit
Duct diameter 100 100 mm
Design axial axial -
Speed min max -
Voltage 230 230 V
Frequency 50/60 50/60 Hz
Power consumption 4 7.5 W
Air capacity 60 90 m³/h
Current 0.029 0.052 A
Sound pressure level at 3 m 22 25 dBА
Weight 0.55 0.55 kg
Protection rating IP 45 IP 45 -
Type exhaust exhaust -
Mounting wall mounting , ceiling mounting wall mounting , ceiling mounting -
Capacity diagram
Capacity diagram
  • Selection method:
  • Air flow:
  • Pressure:
Operating point
  • Air flow: --
  • Pressure: ---
Files archieve
Brochure "VENTS Quiet-Mild Duo" (pdf 2.49Mb)
Download image "VENTS Quiet-Mild Duo" for your website (png 676.89Kb)
Download high quality image "VENTS Quiet-Mild Duo" (psd 2.61Mb)
Download image "VENTS Quiet-Mild Duo Red" for your website (png 687.6Kb)
Download high quality image "VENTS Quiet-Mild Duo Red" (psd 2Mb)
Download image "VENTS Quiet-Mild Duo Vintage" for your website (png 516.08Kb)
Download high quality image "VENTS Quiet-Mild Duo Vintage" (psd 2.44Mb)
Download image "VENTS Quiet-Mild Duo Aluminum Lacquer" for your website (png 445.5Kb)
Download high quality image "VENTS Quiet-Mild Duo Aluminum Lacquer" (psd 2.13Mb)
Download image "VENTS Quiet-Mild Duo Chrome" for your website (png 427.33Kb)
Download high quality image "VENTS Quiet-Mild Duo Chrome" (psd 1.99Mb)
Download image "VENTS Quiet-Mild Duo Black Sapphire" for your website (png 438.67Kb)
Download high quality image "VENTS Quiet-Mild Duo Black Sapphire" (psd 2.19Mb)
User’s manual "VENTS Quiet-Mild" (pdf 3.33Mb)
Modification name Backdraft damper
VENTS Quiet-Mild 100 Duo
VENTS Quiet-Mild 100 Duo
Parameter Value Measurement unit
∅D 99 mm
B 158 mm
H 136 mm
L 81 mm
L1 26 mm
Quiet-Mild T Modification with a turn-off delay timer and an interval timer (integrated function of automatic ventilation activation). Once in 6, 14 or 24 hours the fan is switched on for up to 30 minutes to ventilate a premise with the low speed. On elapsing of the set turn-off delay time the fan switches off automatically.
Quiet-Mild TH Modification with a turn-off delay timer (delay time from 2 to 30 min) and a humidity sensor with an adjustable threshold from 60 to 90 %.
Quiet-Mild V Modification with a pull cord switch.

* VENTS Quiet-Mild 100 Duo and VENTS Quiet-Mild 125 Duo with modifications T and TH are supplied with an integrated turn-on delay timer to avoid unnecessary switching of the fan if you use your bathroom shortly and frequently.
After humidity increases or after signalling from the external switch, the fan switches to a higher speed not immediately, but after a set time period (1 min).

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