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  • The sensor is designed for indoor carbon dioxide concentration measurement and respective air capacity regulation through the control output signal to the fan.
  • Air capacity control based on CO2 concentration is an efficient energy saving solution.
  • The sensor has two separate outputs: a normally opened dry relay contact and an analogue output 0…10 V (this output is adjustable for 2…10 V/0…20 mA/4…20 mA).
  • The relay output is used to turn the fan on/off depending on indoor CO- concentration and the analogue output is used for smooth fan speed control for a fan with EC-motor or a fan with extra speed controller with 0-10 V input, refer to RS...TA or VFED.
  • In case of smooth fan speed control the fan speed varies proportionally to carbon dioxide emissions.
  • The relay and analogue outputs make the sensor compatible with any ventilation system.
  • The integrated self-calibration system ensures reliable sensor operation during the sensor service life.
  • The sensor is available in two modifications: CO2-1 and CO2-2.
  • The CO2-1 model incorporates LED lights for CO2 concentration and operation buttons indicating the level of three operation modes: 1 – on, 2 – off, 3 – operation by CO2 concentration.
  • The button is used to switch the ventilation system on or off when CO2 - based ventilation control is not required.
  • The CO2-2 model has no LED-lights and on/off button.
  • The model is applied for premises requiring permanent ventilation, i.e. at school classes and other public premises.
  • The sensor is designed for wall surface mounting.
  • 24 VAC low current power supply.
  • If power supply 24 V is not available, connect the TRF plug that is offered as an accessory.
  • Power supply unit is applied for connection of the sensor to 220 V (model TRF-220/24-1,6) or 120 V (TRF-120/24-1,6) AC power mains.
Parameter CO2-1
Measurement unit
Power source 24 VAC (50/60 Hz ± 10 %), 24 VDC/1.6 W Max -
Gas analyser Non-dispersive infrared detector (NDIR) with self-calibration system -
CO2 measuring range 0–2,000 ppm (parts per million) -
Accuracy at 25 °C, 2,000 ppm ±30 ppm + 3 % of reading -
Response time max. 2 min -
Warm up time for each turning-on 2 hours (first time), 2 minutes (operation) -
Analogue output 0–10VDC (default), 4–20mA selectable by jumpers -
On/Off output 1X2A switch load
Four set points selectable by jumpers
6 LED lights for CO2 concentration indication 1st green indicator lights when CO2 concentration is below 600 ppm;, 1st and 2nd green indicators light when CO2 concentration is 600–800 ppm;, 1st yellow indicator lights when CO2 concentration is 800–1200 ppm;, 1st and 2nd yellow indicators light when CO2 concentration is 1200–1400 ppm;, 1st red indicator lights when CO2 concentration is 1400–1600 ppm;, 1st and 2nd red indicators light when CO2 concentration is above 1600 ppm -
Operating conditions/storage recommendations 0–50 °C; 0–95 % RH non condensing/0–50 °C -
Overall dimensions LxWxH 100x80x30 mm
Weight 0.120 kg
Mounting outdoor mounting -
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Download high quality image "CO2-1" (psd 1.93Mb)
Download high quality image "CO2-2" (psd 1.89Mb)
"CO2" product description 02-2016 (pdf 507.83Kb)
"CO2-2" user's manual 11-2015 (CO2-2_V90-2EN-02) (pdf 114.94Kb)
"CO2-1" user's manual 05-2017 (CO2_1_V90-1EN-02) (pdf 105.24Kb)
Download image "CO2-1" for your website (png 380.44Kb)
Download image "CO2-2" for your website (png 341.78Kb)
Parameter Value Measurement unit
Wiring plan
Wiring plan

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