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VENTS F-3000

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  • The thermostats with bridging contacts are designed for regulation of air temperature, temperature of liquids and gases and are widely used in electric water heaters, dishwashing and clothe washing machines, drying machines, electric furnaces, etc.
  • The thermostat is used to prevent freezing of water heaters and heat exchangers according to exhaust air temperature readings.
  • The operating logic is based on volumetric thermal extension.
  • The thermostatic bulb is located in the copper sleeve.
  • Liquid placed inside the thermostatic bulb is heated, expanded and its excessive volume is transferred through the capillary tube to the bellows.
  • The bellows are elongated and transmit force to the relay contact.
  • Thus the set temperature is maintained in the system.
  • The thermostat casing is made of plastic.
  • The temperature probe is made of copper.
  • The response temperature is set by rotation of the disk in the casing.
  • The thermostat is suitable for wall surface mounting or installation in the duct in any position.
  • The casing is fixed to the surface with screws on the front panel.
  • The thermostatic bulb is designed for operation in tempersture-controlled environment.
  • The thermostat is connected with the thermal bellows with 1.5 m long capillary tube.
Parameter F-3000
Measurement unit
Temperature range Temperature range от -30 до +30 °С
Number of contacts Number of contacts 1 -
Reset mechanism Reset mechanism автоматический -
Relay switching capacity Relay switching capacity 16 А 230 В (при активной нагрузке) -
Length of the capillary tube Length of the capillary tube 1.5 mm
Protection rating Protection rating IP 54 -
Files archieve
Brochure "F-3000" (pdf 61.98Kb)
Download high quality image "F-3000" (psd 1.14Mb)
User's manual "F-3000" (pdf 3.83Mb)
Download image "F-3000" for your website (png 275.78Kb)
Parameter Value Measurement unit
Wiring plan
Wiring plan

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