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KOM-VO-500, KOM-VO-500-400/2

The backdraft damper is used for shutoff of air flow in the air ducts and prevention of air back-draft during standstill of ventilation equipment.

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  • The backdraft damper with spring-loaded blades is used for shutoff of air flow in the air ducts and prevention of air backdraft during standstill of ventilation equipment.
  • The damper blades are opened with the air pressure and closed with the spring.
  • The damper placement in a ventilation system should account for the air flow direction.
  • In case of a horizontal installation of the damper, the pivot axis of the blades must be true horizontal.
  • A vertically installed damper is only suitable for air extraction duty.
  • To asemble the VDO fans, use the KOM-VO ... 400/2 dampers, which are designed to operate at a temperature of 400 °C for 2 hours.
  • The unit casing and the two spring-loaded blades are made of polymer-coated steel.
Parameter KOM-VO-500, KOM-VO-500-400/2
Measurement unit
Casing material polymer coated steel -
Mass 7.1 kg
Files archieve
Brochure "VPVO and VDO fan accessories" (pdf 2.92Mb)
Download high quality image "KOM-VO" (psd 912.59Kb)
Download image "KOM-VO" for your website (png 197.07Kb)
KOM-VO-500, KOM-VO-500-400/2
Parameter Value Measurement unit
∅D 500 mm
∅D1 560 mm
∅D2 590 mm
L 250 mm
Ød 12 mm
n 12 -
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