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VENTS NKP 150-2,0-1

Heater for heat exchanger freeze protection. Heater power - 2,0 kW.

  • Description
  • Characteristics
  • Capacity diagram
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  • Dimensions
  • Designation key
  • Compatibility table
  • Electric heater power selection diagram
  • Duct electric heater for heat exchanger freeze protection by means of supply air preheating and supply air duct temperature maintaining at a point that ensures heat exchanger freezing protection.
  • Compatible with round Ø125, 150, 160 and 200 mm air ducts.
  • The casing and the control box are made of galvanized steel and the heating elements are made of stainless steel.
  • The heater casing is extra heat insulated with 20 mm non-flammable mineral wool layer.
  • The heater spigots are rubber sealed for airtight connection to the air ducts.
  • The NKP duct heaters are equipped with a power cable and a control cable for connection to a controller of an air handling unit.
  • Air temperature is controlled with a triac power controller that switches the maximum load on/off.
  • Load is commutated with a semiconductor (triac).
  • The heaters are equipped with overheat protection thermostats:
    ⏵self-resetting overheat protection thermostat actuated at +50 °С;
    ⏵emergency overheat protection thermostat actuated at +90 °С.
  • The heater design ensures its connection to round air ducts  by means of the clamps from the delivery set.
  • The arrow on the heater casing must match the air flow direction in the system.
  • The heater is connected to a controller of an air handling unit via the supplied cable with socket connectors.
  • The control box cover must be directed upwards with the maximum deviation angle 90°.
  • The control box cover must not be directed downwards.
Parameter NKP 150-2,0-1
Measurement unit
Minimum air capacity 170 m³/h
Current 8.7 A
Power 2000 W
Weight 2.3 kg
Heating electric heating -
Duct for round air ducts -
Connection diameter 150 mm
Capacity diagram
Capacity diagram
  • Selection method:
  • Air flow:
  • Pressure:
Operating point
  • Air flow: --
  • Pressure: ---
Files archieve
Brochure "NKP" (pdf 401.25Kb)
Download high quality image "NKP" (psd 2.27Mb)
Download image "NKP" for your website (png 617.62Kb)
User's manual "NKP" (pdf 1.77Mb)
VENTS NKP 150-2,0-1
Parameter Value Measurement unit
∅D 149 mm
B 170 mm
H 282 mm
L 306 mm
L1 190 mm
Designation key
Designation key
Series Connected air duct diameter [mm] - Heater power, kW - Phase
NKP 125; 150; 160; 200 0,6; 0,8; 1,2; 1,7; 2,0 1: single-phase
Compatibility table
Compatibility table
Heater model (connected air duct diameter)  
NKP 125 VUT/VUE with Ø 125 mm spigot and A11, A21 automation
NKP 150 VUT/VUE with Ø 150 mm spigot and A11, A21 automation
NKP 160 VUT/VUE with Ø 160 mm spigot and A11, A21 automation
NKP 200 VUT/VUE with Ø 200 mm spigot and A11, A21 automation
Electric heater power selection diagram
Electric heater power selection diagram

How to use NKP electric heater diagrams

  • Selection of the NKP heater model compatible with VUT 350 VB EC A11 air handling unit. The rated winter outside air temperature is -15 °С. The rated air flow is 220 m³/h. Starting from the rated winter outside air temperature (1) draw a horizontal line till the air flow axis (2). The NKP heater with heating capacity 1200 W is able to provide efficient heat exchanger freeze protection.
  • The NKP 160-1.2-1 with the diameter matching the spigot diameter of the VUT 350 VB EC A11 air handling unit is a suitable model. 
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