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VENTS Polyvent N

  • Description
  • Characteristics
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  • Dimensions
  • Flexible air duct from metalized polyester film.
  • Spiral frame from high-carbon steel wire.
  • Pollution-free flexible non-insulated air duct. No harmful substances emission during operation.
  • High elasticity and temperature resistance: short-time resistance up to +120°С.
Recommended application
  • Applied in residential and industrial ventilation, heating and air conditioning systems with no special requirements to the combustibility and temperature resistance, in heat accumulation units and peripheral sections of large central utility systems with the maximum pressure 3000 Pa.
  • Recommended for ventilation of child care centres, educational and medial facilities, spa resorts.
Pressure loss diagram per 1 m stretched air duct

Calculation example:

  1. Select a curve that matches the air duct diameter [mm], 200 mm in this case.
  2. Find the intersection point of this line with the vertical line of the required air flow in m3/h, 500 m3/h in this case.
  3. The horizontal line that shows the pressure loss in Pa per 1 m straight air duct crosses this intersection point.
  4. Multiply pressure loss value (2.4 Pa/m at 20°С) by total air duct length to get the total pressure loss value. To calculate pressure loss in case of bends consider each bend as extra air duct meter.
Parameter Polyvent N
Measurement unit
Range of sizes Ø102;127;152;203;254;315;...630 mm
Air duct base Air duct base металлизированная полиэстровая пленка (45 мк) -
Air duct wire Air duct wire пружинная сталь толщиной 0.8 - 1.5 мм -
Temperature range Temperature  range -30...+120 °С
Standard length Standard length 1000;1500;3000;7600 mm
Available lengths (cutting) Available lengths (cutting) 1000;1500;3000;7600 mm
Air speed 30 m/s
Maximum operating pressure 3000 Pa
Files archieve
Brochure "Polyvent N" (pdf 185.7Kb)
Download high quality image "Polyvent N" (psd 1.37Mb)
Download image "Polyvent N" for your website (png 402.88Kb)
Parameter Value Measurement unit
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