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  • RSA5E-…T series speed controllers are applied for air flow control of single phase fans by means of motor step speed control.
  • The controllers have five speeds. Speed is set by means of rotating the control knob at the casing front panel to one of five available fixed positions.
  • Several fans can be controlled synchronously in case their total consumption current does not exceed the maximum permissible value of the controller current.
  • The controller casing is made of flame-retardant thermoplastic.
  • The controller has five speeds with the output voltage 110V – 140V – 170V – 190V – 230V.
  • 80V output is available, but not connected by default.
  • It is possible to change the output voltages by changing the internal wiring.
  • The controller is equipped with a speed control knob, an operation indication lamp.
  • The integral motor protection device is included which cuts the supply voltage to the fan if the thermal contact in the fan motor is activated.
  • After the temperature drops to the operating level the motor restarts.
  • The controller has the following supplementary functions: terminals of 230V, max. 2A for connection and controlling such external equipment as actuator driven air dampers.
  • The controller is designed for indoor mounting.
  • Installation shall be performed with respect to the free air recirculation for inner circuit cooling.
  • The controller is for vertical installation.
  • Do not install the controller above the heaters and in bad air convection areas.
Device operating position
Parameter RSA5E-1,5-T
Measurement unit
Frequency 50/60 Hz
Phase 1 ˜
Voltage 230 V
Current 1.5 A
Overall dimensions LxWxH 205x115x100 mm
Maximum ambient temperature -20...+35 °С
Casing material flame-retardant thermoplastic -
Protection rating IP54 -
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Download high quality image "RSA5E-…-T" (psd 2.22Mb)
"RSA5E-…-T" product description 07-2021 (pdf 278.08Kb)
Download image "RSA5E-…-T" for your website (png 561.66Kb)
Parameter Value Measurement unit
A 115 mm
B 205 mm
C 100 mm
D 98 mm
E 140 mm
Wiring plan
Wiring plan
RSA5E 1,5-T wiring diagram and connections
Pe Ground terminal
L Power (230 VAC/50-60 Hz)
N Power, neutral
N1 Non-adjustable output, neutral
L1 Non-adjustable output
U Adjustable motor output, phase
N Adjustable motor output, neutral
ТК TK control for thermal protection of motors
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