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VENTS TwinFresh Style Wi-Fi

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Many units can be connected to one control network. High heat recovery efficiency of up to 90 % is achieved due to the use of a cellular regenerator. The design of the unit provides easy maintenance and installation.
Noise-insulating material provides noise absorption during the operation of the ventilator. It is enough to have only one ventilator operating in regeneration or ventilation mode to provide ventilation in the room. The unit can be controlled via remote control and buttons on the control panel. Flexible customisation for each user via an app on the smartphone.
  • The unit modes are controlled via the sensor control panel located on the casing of the unit, via the remote control or the smartphone.

Operation modes:

• Speed setup   

• Operation mode setup

   - Ventilation 

   - Regeneration 

• Timer setup

   - 4 hours at speed III 

   - 8 hours at speed I 

The control buttons are also duplicated on the ventilator casing:

• ventilation with energy recovery 

• ventilation 

• speed switching and ventilator turning off 

It is possible to control all the ventilators simultaneously by connecting them to a single Wi-Fi network.
In this case, all ventilators (Slaves) will respond to a signal from the Master ventilator only.
TwinFresh Style WiFi units can be combined into one control circuit.


Trendy ventilator design. High efficiency – 90%.
Can be mounted inside a prepared hole (from ∅170 mm) in a wall. A humidity sensor.
Connection of the units into one control network via WiFi. Connection of an external CO2 sensor or other external relay sensors.
Automatic drafts shutoff when the ventilator is off due to the air damper. Sound pressure level from 1 to 26 dBA at a distance of 3 m.
Ventilation of premises with the area of about 25 m2 (the area is approximate and depends on the ventilation standards in your country). Simple mounting and maintenance.
  • To preserve indoor heat, the ventilator operates in regeneration mode with two cycles, so that heat is returned to the room, the humidity balance is maintained, and the load on the heating system in winter is reduced.
  • To ensure energy efficiency, the ventilator operates in energy recovery mode with two cycles, thereby reducing the load on the air conditioning system in summer.
Parameter VENTS TwinFresh Style Wi-Fi
1 Speed
VENTS TwinFresh Style Wi-Fi
2 Speed
VENTS TwinFresh Style Wi-Fi
3 Speed
Measurement unit
Speed 1 2 3 -
Voltage 100-240 100-240 100-240 V
Frequency 50/60 50/60 50/60 Hz
Current 0.03 0.03 0.06 A
Power 2.0 3.5 5.5 W
SFP 0.96 0.84 0.79 W/l/s
Air flow in ventilation mode 15 35 50 m³/h
Air flow in ventilation mode 4 10 14 l/s
Air flow in energy recovery mode 8 18 25 m³/h
Air flow in energy recovery mode 2 5 7 l/s
Shutters automatic automatic automatic -
Filter G3 (G4, F7 optional**) G3 (G4, F7 optional**) G3 (G4, F7 optional**) -
Degree of filtration from particles PM2.5 with F7 filter 99 99 99 %
Transported air temperature -20(-30*)...+40 -20(-30*)...+40 -20(-30*)...+40 °С
Sound pressure level at 1 m distance 10 28 35 dBА
Sound pressure level at 3 m distance 1 19 26 dBА
Outdoor sound pressure attenuation according to DIN EN 20140 40 40 40 dBА
Heat recovery efficiency according to DIBt LÜ-A 20 ≤ 90 ≤ 90 ≤ 90 %
Functions Wi-Fi, Filter replacement indication, Timer, Weekly schedule, Humidity sensor, External sensor connection Wi-Fi, Filter replacement indication, Timer, Weekly schedule, Humidity sensor, External sensor connection Wi-Fi, Filter replacement indication, Timer, Weekly schedule, Humidity sensor, External sensor connection -
Remote control panel Sensor Wi-Fi Sensor Wi-Fi Sensor Wi-Fi -
Duct 160 160 160 -
Сontrol unit availability Сontrol unit availability + + + -
Option* When using the EH-13 hood (TwinFresh Style Frost) When using the EH-13 hood (TwinFresh Style Frost) When using the EH-13 hood (TwinFresh Style Frost) -
Option** Air flow with F7 filter applied – 40 m³/h Air flow with F7 filter applied – 40 m³/h Air flow with F7 filter applied – 40 m³/h -
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"VENTS TwinFresh Style Wi-Fi" product description 06-2021 (pdf 6.21Mb)
Download image "VENTS TwinFresh Style Wi-Fi" for your website (png 188.47Kb)
Download high quality image "VENTS TwinFresh Style Wi-Fi" (psd 1.25Mb)
"Connection to a "Smart House" system" - connection guide 10-2021 (V133-4-1EN-02) (pdf 704.62Kb)
"VENTS TwinFresh Style Wi-Fi" user's manual 06-2022 (V222-1EN-03) (pdf 5.91Mb)
Parameter Value Measurement unit
Twinfresh Style Wi-Fi Twinfresh Style Wi-Fi 2 with a hood for thin walls
Specific energy consumption (SEC) [kWh/(m2.a)] Cold Average


-84.3 А+ -41.3 А -16.7 Е
Type of ventilation unit Bidirectional
Type of drive installed Stepless fan speed control
Type of heat recovery system Regenerative
Thermal efficiency of heat recovery [%] 82.1
Maximum air flow rate [m3/h] 25
Power [W] 5.5
Sound power level [dBA] 46.1
Reference air flow rate [m3/s] 0.005
Reference pressure difference [Pa] 0
Specific power input (SPI) [W/(m3/h)] 0.2
Control typology Local demand control
Maximum internal leakage rate [%] 2.7
Maximum external leakage rate [%] 0
Mixing rate of bidirectional units [%] 1
The classification of the airflow sensitivity to pressure variations, according to EN 13141-8 [%] 37.3
The classification of the indoor/outdoor air tightness, according to EN 13141-8 [m3/h] 0.5
Internet address http://ventilation-system.com/
The annual electricity consumption (AEC) [kWh electricity/a] Cold Average Warm
144 144 144
The annual heating saved (AHS) [kWh primary energy/a] Cold Average Warm
8789 4493 2032
Name Description
EH-14 white 160 Plastic hood.
Colour options:





EH-14 chrome 160   Grey plastic outer hood with a brushed stainless steel cover
EH-2 grey 160 Grey painted stainless steel outer hood for thin walls
EH-2 chrome 160 Polished stainless steel hood for thin walls
EH-13 white 160 White painted aluminium outer hood for cold climate
EH-13 chrome 160 Stainless steel ventilation hood for cold climate
MVVM 162 05 Hood for mounting from inside
160 white Kit for angular mounting with white colour grille
160 chrome Kit for angular mounting with stainless steel outer grille
Duct 160-500 Round air duct with a diameter of 160 mm and a length of 500 mm with a foam plug
Duct 160-700 Round air duct with a diameter of 160 mm and a length of 700 mm with a foam plug
T TwinFresh Style   Cardboard template for indoor installation of the unit
RK1 TwinFresh Remote control
KV TwinFresh Style Wi-Fi sensor control panel
CO2-1 CO2 sensor with LED indication and sensor buttons
CO2-2 CO2 sensor
TRF-220/24-1,6 or TRF-120/24-1,6  Power supply for CO2 sensors
SF2 TwinFresh G3 G3 filter kit (2 pcs.)
SF2 TwinFresh G4 Contents:
  • plastic filter holder (1 pc.)
  • filter G4 (1 pc.)
SF2 TwinFresh F7 Contents:
  • plastic filter holder (1 pc.)
  • F7 filter (1 pc.)
The F7 filter reduces air flow to 40 m3/h
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