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  • Micra 80 A3 is a heat recovery single-room ventilation unit for balanced energy saving single room ventilation of flats, cottages, social and commercial premises. The unit design required no ductwork layout. The unit offer a simple and efficient ventilation in premises to be refurbished.
  • Efficient heat recovery ventilation for individual rooms (premises).
  • Plate cross-flow heat exchanger made of polymerized cellulose with heat recovery efficiency from 68% up to 77%.
  • Centrifugal fans with forward curved blades.
  • Asynchronous motors with ball bearings.
  • Integrated control system with three operation modes and air flow range from 40 up to 80 m3/h.
  • Silent operation (24/32/41 dB(A)).
  • Air filtration with two G4 built-in filters.
  • Easy mounting.
  • Non-stop operation.
  • The casing is made of polymer coated metal and is heat- and soundinsulated with 15 mm polyethylene foam layer.
  • The quick detachable from panel provides easy service access to the unit for filter cleaning and removal.
  • Supply of fresh air and removal of extract air are performed through the two 125 mm air ducts.
  • Two G4 built-in filters provide supply and extract air cleaning.
  • The filters ensure delivery of fresh air free of dust and insects and protect the unit components from contamination.
  • Fresh intake air from outside moves through the filter and the heat exchanger and is delivered to the premise with the supply fan.
  • Warm stale air moves from the room through the filter and the heat exchanger and then is exhausted outside with the extract fan.
  • Heat energy of warm stale extract air is transferred to cold intake air flow in the heat exchanger.
  • Heat recovery minimises heat losses and heating costs in cold seasons.
  • The intake and extract air flows are fully separated within the heat exchangers and pollutants, odours and microbes contained in extract air are not transmitted to supply air.
  • The centrifugal fans with forward curved blades provide air supply and extraction.
  • The fan motors with ball bearings are rated for a long service life.
  • The unit is equipped with a high-tech plate cross-flow heat exchanger made of polymerized cellulose.
  • The heat exchanger is used to recover extract air heat energy to warm up supply air flow.
  • The heat recovery efficiency reaches 77%.
  • The applied heat exchanger enables not only heat but also humidity recovery.
  • In warm seasons the heat exchanger operates to cool down supply air and extract excessive humidity.
  • In cold seasons the heat exchanger operates to warm up supply air and humidify it.
  • Due to heat recovery process the unit generates no condensate and requires no condensate drainage.
  • The unit is fitted with an integrated freeze protection system.
  • The heat exchanger may be subjected to a freezing danger at low outside air temperatures.
  • The exhaust air temperature falls down as ice accumulates in the heat exchanger.
  • When exhaust air temperature falls down below a set point the freeze protection thermostat is activated and shuts down the supply fan.
  • The warm extract air flows through the heat exchanger until the extract air temperature rises above the set point.
  • Then the supply fan turns on and the unit reverts to the standard operation mode.
  • The unit is operated with a three-position speed switch.
  • The control system enables three operation modes:
    1. Supply and extract ventilation with minimum air flow rate 40 m3/h and minimum noise level 24 dB(A).
    2. Supply and extract ventilation with medium air flow rate 60 m3/h and minimum noise level 32 dB(A).
    3. Supply and extract ventilation with maximum air flow rate 80 m3/h and minimum noise level 41 dB(A).
  • Install one MICRA 80 A3 unit in each room to be ventilated.
  • A single unit is capable to provide efficient ventilation of a premise with the area up to 32 m3/h.
  • A ventilation system based on MICRA 80 A3 is able to provide continuous air exchange and save heat in winter and cool in summer.
  • Mark the holes for the air ducts on the wall with the supplied cardboard master plate.
  • Drill the core holes in the wall and fix the master plate to the wall using a duct tape.
  • Insert the 125 mm plastic air ducts in the core holes.
  • The master plate is used to place the air ducts in a required position and align the unit spigots with the air ducts.
  • Install the outdoor ventilation hoods from outside to prevent ingress of water and foreign objects inside the unit.
  • Install the air ducts slightly sloped down to outside to ensure condensate drainage from the unit.
  • After the air ducts are fixed in required position using the outer ventilation hoods and the master plate fill the gaps between the air ducts and the wall with a mounting foam through the special slots in the master plate.
  • After solidification of the mounting foam remove the foam excess and cut protruding parts of the air ducts to be flush with wall surface.
  • To mount the unit casing open the service panel and take off the heat exchanger.
  • Connect the unit spigots to the air ducts and fix the unit casing to the wall with screws and dowels.
  • After completion of the casing mounting and wiring operations re-install the heat exchanger and the front panel.
Stainless steel outer hood MVM 122 bVs N Round 125 mm telescopic air duct, Adjustable length 500 up to 1000 mm
Parameter VENTS MICRA 80 A3
Measurement unit
Speed 3 -
Voltage Voltage 230 V
Phase 1 -
Power 57 W
Air capacity 80 m³/h
Frequency Frequency 50 Hz
Unit current Unit current 0.34 A
Air capacity Air capacity 40 m³/h
Heat recovery efficiency 77 -
Sound pressure level at 3 m 24 dBА
Casing material Casing material -
Insulation Insulation -
Insulation thickness Insulation thickness 15 mm
Filter: extract Filter: extract G4 -
Filter: supply Filter: supply G4 -
Remote control panel Mechanical -
Heat exchanger type Heat exchanger type -
Heating without heating -
Heat exchanger material Heat exchanger material -
Duct 125 -
Heat recovery efficiency Heat recovery efficiency %
Max. transported air temperature Max. transported air temperature °С
Weight Weight 17 kg
Files archieve
Сatalogue "Single-room air handling units with heat recovery MICRA" (pdf 6.4Mb)
Brochure "VENTS MICRA 80 A3" (pdf 1.14Mb)
User's manual "VENTS MICRA 80 A3/A4" (pdf 3.32Mb)
Download high quality image "VENTS MICRA 80 A3" (psd 1.95Mb)
Download image "VENTS MICRA 80 A3" for your website (png 448.69Kb)
Parameter Value Measurement unit

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