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  • The fans are rated for exhaust ventilation and air conditioning systems for various premises that require reasonable energy saving solutions and controlled ventilation systems.

  • EC motors reduce energy demand by 1.5–3 times and ensure high performance combined with low noise operation.
  • Such characteristics are especially important for application in public premises as banks, supermarkets, restaurants, hotels, residential premises or domestic spaces, including water pools.

  • The fan casing is made of polymer-coated steel (VKH EC model), aluminum (VKHA EC), galvanized steel (VKHz EC).

  • The fans are equipped with high-efficient electronically-commutated direct current motors with external rotor and impellers with backward curved blades.

  • EC motor is free of friction and wear parts as a commutator and brushes. These components are replaced by a maintenance-free electronic circuit board.

  • EC motors are featured with high performance and well controllable speed range.

  • Premium efficiency reaching 90% is a definite advantage of electronically commutated motors.

Integrated functions and control
  • The fan is controlled by an external 0-10 V control signal. The fan capacity is regulated depending on temperature and pressure level, smoke content, etc.

  • The fan has low energy consumption at any speed.

  • Maximum fan speed does not depend on the available current frequency and is suitable for operation both at 50 and 60 Hz.

  • Several fans can be integrated into a single computer-driven control system.

  • Custom designed software provides high accuracy control of the fans integrated into a network.

  • The LED-display of the computer shows all the system parameters and the operation mode can be set individually for each fan in the network.

  • VKH…EC fans are designed for mounting on the roof.

  • The mounting plate enables the fan installation on a level surface directly above a ventilation shaft or air duct and the holes on this mounting plate provide reliable rigid fixing of the fan to a static surface.

  • While mounting the VKH...EC fans to the level surface provide a support to exclude possible water or snow ingress into an exhaust vent of the respective ventilation shaft.

  • While installing the fan provide enough space for maintenance works.

  • For connection of the fans to round air ducts use the following accessories: KKV damperGKV flexible connectorFKV counter flange.

  • For mounting of the fans to flat surface use the mounting frame RKV.

VENTS VKH EC fan store roof ventilation example
Parameter VKH 500 EC
Measurement unit
Engine Type 220В / 50-60Гц (EC) -
Phase 3 ˜
Voltage 380-480 V
Frequency 50/60 Hz
Sound pressure level at 3 m distance 63 dBА
Maximum transported air temperature °С
Protection rating IP X4, IP X2 -
Weight 81 kg
Synchronous electronically commutated motor Synchronous electronically commutated motor 1 -
Files archieve
Brochure "VENTS VKV/ VKH EC" (pdf 428.93Kb)
Download high quality image "VENTS VKH EC (ErP 2015, 2016, 2018)" (psd 3.99Mb)
Brochure "Roof fans accessories" (pdf 129.67Kb)
User's manual "VKV, VKH, VKV EC, VKH EC, VKMK, VKMKp, VOK, VOK1" (pdf 3.37Mb)
Download image "VENTS VKH EC (ErP 2015, 2016, 2018)" for your website (png 329.52Kb)
Parameter Value Measurement unit
∅D 438 mm
∅d 11 mm
H 437 mm
L 665 mm
L1 535 mm
L2 637 mm
Additional diagrams
Additional diagrams
Point P, (W) I, (A) n, (min-1)
1 1850 2,90 1700
2 2500 3,90 1700
3 2650 4,10 1700
4 2400 3,60 1700
5 1300 2,10 1500
6 1700 2,60 1500
7 1750 2,70 1500
8 1650 2,60 1500
9 570 1,10 1100
10 700 1,30 1100
11 750 1,30 1100
12 700 1,30 1100
ƞ, [%]   MC   EC   N   VSD   [kW]   [A]   [m3/h]   [Pа]   [RPM]   SR
59.8   А   Static   65.8   Yes   2.650   4.1   7330   720   1700   1

Series and modification   Casing material   Turbine standard size   Motor type
VENTS VKH – vertical air exhaust   _ steel with polymeric coating
A –
z –
galvanized steel
  250; 280; 310; 355; 400; 450; 500; 560   ЕС – electronically
synchronous motor
ErP data  
Overall efficiency η,[%]
Measurement category MC
Efficiency category EC
Efficiency grade N
Variable speed drive VSD
Power [kW]
Current [A]
Air flow [m3/h]
Static pressure [Pa]
Speed [n/min-1]
Specific ratio SR
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