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VENTS VUE 100 P mini

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  • Compact air supply and exhaust ventilation unit VUE 100 P mini/ VUT 100 P mini is a simple and effective energy-saving solution ventilation of apartments, cottages, singlefamily houses, workshops and trade premises.

  • The unit is a fully-featured ventilation unit that provides air cleaning, fresh air supply to the premise and removal of extract air from the premise.

  • Extract air thermal energy is transferred to the cross-flow heat exchanger and is used to warm up the supply air flow.

  • Built-in heat exchanger prevents heat losses and saves operating costs for heating in winter and air conditioning in summer.

  • Due to the compact casing and silent operation the VUE 100 P mini/ VUT 100 P mini unit can be installed behind suspended ceiling.

  • The unit is designed for connection to Ø125 mm round air ducts.

  • Several rooms may be ventilated if they are connected with air distribution network.

  • Air flow regulation with A3 (P3-1-300) speed switch.

  • The casing is made of corrosion-resistant alumozink and sound-insulated with 15 mm сellular polyethylene layer. For easy mounting the casing is fitted with mounting brackets.

  • The detachable panel is swivel connected to the unit to provide fast and easy access to the casing internal components for servicing and maintenance.

  • The unit is equipped with two backdraft dampers, one in the supply and the other in the exhaust air duct.

  • Supply and extract air flows are purified through two filters with filtering class G4.

  • The filters prevent dirt and dust ingress into the room and protect the unit components against contaminations.
  • The unit is equipped with reliable supply and exhaust fans with forward curved blades that are powered by motors with low energy demand.

  • The motor has maintenance-free ball bearings that ensure long service life about 40 000 hrs and are greased for the operation period.
  • Cross-flow polymerized cellulose enthalpy heat exchanger with heat recovery efficiency from 64% up to 72% enables not only heat but humidity recovery and provides indoor humidity balance.

  • In summer season the heat exchanger serves for intake air cooling down and drying and in winter season for warming up and moisturizing.

  • Water vapour is extracted from wet extract air and is absorbed by the heat exchanging plates. 

  • Absorbed heat and moisture are transferred to supply air flow.

  • Supply and extract air flows are fully separated and no microbes and germs are transferred to supply air flow.

  • The unit is equipped with a high-efficient crossflow plastic heat exсhanger and a drain pan for condensate drainage.

  • Warm extract air is moved by exhaust fan from the premise through the extract filter and heat exchanger, where it transfers thermal energy to its elements and then is exhausted outside.

  • Cold intake air from outside is moved by the supply fan first to the supply filter where it is purified, then to the heat exchanger where it absorbs thermal energy from extract air and then supplied to the room.

  • The heat exchanger reduces heat losses and saves operating costs for heating in winter and air conditioning in summer.
  • Air capacity (speed) is regulated with A3 (P3-1-300) speed switch:
    • Low speed - 57 m3/h, 24 dBA
    • Medium speed - 78 m3/h, 32 dBA
    • Maximum speed - 106 m3/h, 41 dBA
  • The external speed switch is comfortable to use at any place.
  • For freeze protection at low temperatures the unit is equipped with a thermostat inside the casing that switches the supply fan off in case of freezing danger to let extract air warm up the heat exchanger.

  • Due to the compact casing height the unit is designed for horizontal indoor installation behind suspended ceilings and connection to Ø125 mm round air ducts.

Mounting example of VENTS VUE 100 P mini in the flat
Parameter VUE 100 P mini
Measurement unit
Speed max -
Phase 1 -
Voltage Voltage 220-240 V
Unit power Unit power 30 W
Frequency Frequency 50 Hz
Unit current Unit current 0.34 A
Air capacity Air capacity 106 m³/h
RPM RPM 2500 min-1
Sound pressure level at 3 m 41 dBА
Transported air temperature Transported air temperature -25 +50 °С
Casing material Casing material алюмоцинк -
Insulation Insulation 15 мм, пенофол -
Insulation thickness Insulation thickness 15 mm
Filter: extract Filter: extract G4 -
Filter: supply Filter: supply G4 -
Connected air duct diameter Connected air duct diameter 125 mm
Number of connected air ducts Number of connected air ducts 4 -
Heat recovery efficiency 72 %
Heat exchanger type Heat exchanger type перекрестного типа -
Heat exchanger material Heat exchanger material полимеризированная целлюлоза -
Heat recovery Heat recovery Да -
Weight Weight 10 kg
SEC Class SEC Class D -
Mounting ceiling mounting -
Files archieve
Download high quality image "VENTS VUE 100 P mini (ErP 2016, 2018)" (psd 4.2Mb)
User's manual "VENTS VUE/VUT 100 P mini" (pdf 744.2Kb)
Brochure "VENTS VUE/VUT 100 P mini" (pdf 201.04Kb)
Download high quality image "VENTS VUT 100 P mini (ErP 2016, 2018)" (psd 4.21Mb)
Download image "VENTS VUE 100 P mini (ErP 2016, 2018)" for your website (png 315.23Kb)
Download image "VENTS VUT 100 P mini (ErP 2016, 2018)" for your website (png 319.28Kb)
User's manual "VENTS VUT 100 P mini" (pdf 2.13Mb)
VENTS  VUE 100 P mini
Parameter Value Measurement unit
Additional diagrams
Additional diagrams

Series   Rated air capacity [m3/h]   Mounting type   Type
  100   P - suspended   mini
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