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VENTS VUE 250 V mini

Air handling unit in compact sound- and heat-insulated casing with vertical duct connections. Maximum air flow – 260 m³/h.

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  • The VUT/VUE 250 V mini A12 air handling units are the fully-featured ventilation units that ensure air filtration, fresh air supply and stale air extract.
  • During the operation process the extract air heat is transferred to the supply air through the plate heat exchanger.
  • All models are designed for connection to Ø 125 mm round air ducts.
  • VUT 250 V mini A12: models with vertical duct connections, fans with AC motors with polystyrene heat exchanger.
  • VUE 250 V mini A12: models with vertical duct connections, fans with AC motors with a heat exchanger made of enthalpy.
  • The casing of the VUT/VUE 250 V mini unit is made of aluzinc steel, internally filled with 20 mm mineral wool heat- and sound-insulating layer.
  • The casing of the VUT/VUE 250 V mini unit is made of high-quality polymer coated white steel.
  • Two built-in filters with filtering class G4 provide efficient supply and extract air filtration.
  • F8 filter is available as an option for supply air filtration.
  • The unit is equipped with a supply and exhaust centrifugal fan with backward curved blades and integrated overheating protection thermostat with automatic restart.
  • The motors and the impellers are dynamically balanced.
  • VUE mini: plate heat exchanger made of enthalpy with heat recovery efficiency up to 78 %.
  • The applied heat exchanger enables not only heat but also humidity recovery, which helps maintaining a comfortable humidity level.
  • In warm seasons the heat exchanger operates to cool down and dehumidify the supply air.
  • In cold seasons the heat exchanger operates to warm up supply air and humidify it.
  • VUT mini: plate heat exchanger made of polystyrene.
  • Whenever heat recovery is not required for unit operation, the heat exchanger block can be easily replaced by a summer block.
  • The unit is equipped with a drain pan for condensate drainage and removal as well as with a built-in frost protecting system.
  • The heat from the warm extract air is transferred to the cold supply air during operation of the heat exchanger in winter time.
  • Some condensate may form during extract air heat energy extraction.
  • If the temperature of the intake air is below -5 °C, the condensate can get frozen.
  • To prevent the heat exchanger freezing, electronic protection system is applied.
  • It switches the supply fan off as the temperature sensor requires.
  • Warm extract air defrosts the heat exchanger, then the supply fan switches on and the unit returns to normal operation.
  • The unit is equipped with the А12 (SRS-1).
  • Speed and rotation control of the single-phase power-controlled motors allows turning the unit on/off and controlling its capacity.
  • Several fans can be controlled synchronously in case their total current does not exceed the maximum permissible values for the controller current.
  • Mounting to wall, floor or ceiling with fixing brackets.
  • While mounting provide free access to the service panel for filter replacement and servicing.
  • The correct mounted unit must provide condensate collecting and drainage.
  • Universal casing design provides either left-handed or right-handed unit installation.
  • It requires reversing of the front and the back panels.
Parameter VUE 250 V mini
Measurement unit
Phase 1 ˜
Voltage 230 V
Maximum unit power 126 W
Maximum unit current 0.6 A
Frequency 50/60 Hz
Sound pressure level at 3 m distance 28-47 dBА
Air capacity 260 m³/h
RPM 2700 min-1
Regeneration efficiency 52-73 %
Humidity recovery efficiency 27-45 %
Transported air temperature -25 ... +40 °С
Casing material aluzinc -
Insulation 20 mm mineral wool -
Filter: extract G4 -
Filter: supply G4, * F8 PM2.5 81 % -
Heat exchanger type cross-flow -
Heat exchanger material enthalpy -
Duct for round air ducts -
Connection diameter 125 mm
Mounting floor mounting, wall mounting, ceiling mounting -
Option* -
Capacity diagram
Capacity diagram
  • Selection method:
  • Air flow:
  • Pressure:
Operating point
  • Air flow: --
  • Pressure: ---
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"VENTS VUT(VUE) 250 V(H) mini" product description 02-2020 (pdf 928.62Kb)
Download high quality image "VENTS VUT(VUE) 250 V mini (ErP 2016)" (psd 3.1Mb)
Download image "VENTS VUT(VUE) 250 V mini (ErP 2016)" for your website (png 275.8Kb)
"VENTS VUT(VUE) 250 V(H) mini A12 / A1" user's manual 03-2020 (V25EN-06) (pdf 8.68Mb)
VENTS VUE 250 V mini
Parameter Value Measurement unit
Ø D 125 mm
B 300 mm
H 443 mm
H1 490 mm
L 713 mm
L1 43 mm
Designation key
Designation key
Series Rated air flow [m³/h] Spigot modification Model Casing colour Integrated automation system
VUT: ventilation with heat recovery
VUE: ventilation with energy recovery
250 V: vertical mini _: aluzinc
White: white painted
А12: control panel (SRS-1)
Model G4 panel filter F8 panel filter Silencers Back valves Air dampers Clamps Summer blocks
VUT 250 V mini A12 SF 240x184x40 G4 SF 240x184x40 F8 SR 125 SRF125 KOM 125 KR 125 C 125 VL C4 200/240
VUE 250 V mini A12
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