Vents VUE 350 P3B ЕС L A14

Heat recovery air handling units in heat- and sound-insulated casing
  • Maximum airflow: 430 m3/h
  • Sound pressure level LpA at 3 m: 46 dB(A)
  • Heat exchanger type: Cross flow
  • Extract filter: G4
  • Supply filter: G4 and F8 (PM2.5 87%)
  • Sound insulation
  • Motor type: EC
  • Enthalpy heat exchanger
  • Bypass: Manual
  • Control: Remote Control
  • Casing material: Coated steel
  • Humidity sensor: Optional
  • CO2 sensor: Optional
  • VOC sensor: Optional
  • PM2.5 sensor: Optional
Unit of measurement VUE 350 P3B ЕС L A14
Connected air duct size mm 150
Speed - 1
Minimum supply voltage V 230
Maximum supply voltage V 230
Power supply frequency Hz 50/60
Rated power W 171
Unit current A 1.3
Maximum airflow m3/h 430
Sound pressure level LpA at 3 m dB(A) 46
Heat recovery efficiency, max % 85
Heat exchanger type - Cross flow
Heat exchanger material - Enthalpy
Weight kg 42
Extract filter - G4
Supply filter - G4 and F8 (PM2.5 87%)
Transported air temperature (max) °С 40
Transported air temperature (min) °С -15
Ambient air temperature min °С 1
Ambient air temperature max °С 40
Ambient air humidity max % 60
Ingress protection rating - IP22
Ingress protection rating of the drive - IP44
"Sensor control panel A14/A15" user’s manual 04-2019 (V55-7EN-02)
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VENTS VUE P3 product description 01-2023.pdf
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VENTS VUE P3B EC product description 01-2023
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VUE 350 P3B ЕС L A14 - image 1
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"VENTS VUE P3B EC" user's manual 11-2023 (V146EN-05)
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VENTS VUE P3B EC product description 04-2024
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VENTS VUE P3 product description 04-2024
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VENTS VUE P3B EC user's manual 03-2023 (V146EN-05).pdf
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VENTS VUE P3 user's manual 02-2023 (V147-EN-03)
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Vents VUE 350 P3B ЕС L A14 - Dimensions
149 1024 754 277
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