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Destratificators VENTS DRF-OV and DRFI-OV

Destratificators VENTS DRF-OV and DRFI-OV
One of the most efficient energy saving techniques. The destratificator is designed to prevent warm air accumulation in the building upper area and to direct warm air to the occupied area.
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  • The destratificators are used in industrial workshops, stocks, supermarkets, exhibition and concert halls, closed sport halls, etc.
  • The destratificators are recommended for use in large premises above 5 m height where warmer air due to natural air convection is accumulated closer to ceiling whereas air temperature in the occupied area (2 m above floor level) remains lower.
  • The destratificator consists of an axial fan that is attached to the casing with anti-vibration mounts.
  • The DRF-OV and DRFI-OV destratificator casing is made of polymer-coated steel.
  • The DRFI-OV casing is perforated and has mineral wool insulation to attenuate sound produced by the axial fan.
  • The directing vanes are located at outlet from the DRFI-OV to provide a long linear air flow.
  • Warm air is accumulated above in the heated high premises.
  • Air temperature rises per 1 °C for each meter upwards, which results in heat losses through the roof.
  • The destratificators direct warm air accumulated under the ceiling to the occupied area. The temperature difference between a floor and a ceiling is minimized.
  • The destratificators are designed to reduce heat losses and heating costs.

The destratificator is mounted with an arched fixing bracket with position fixation pitch each 15° and a thread-connected mounting and a safety ropes, each 3 m long.

  • The destratificator is equipped with a single-phase asynchronous external rotor motor and an axial impeller.
  • The motors have built-in overheating protection with automatic restart.
  • The motors are equipped with ball bearing.
  • Ingress Protection Rating IP 44.
  • Step or smooth speed control with a thyristor or autotransformer speed controller.
  • One speed controller is able to control several destratificators on condition that the total power and operating current do not exceed the controller rated parameters.
  • The destratificator selection is based on the assumption that the destratificator operation distance correlates to the premise height as 1:1.25. Number of the destratificators to be installed in the premise is selected on the assumption that the total air capacity is 1 to 2 premise volume.
  • The destratificator is for indoor installation in weather-protected premises.
  • The destratificators are designed for mounting under a ceiling with a directing nozzle downwards.
  • The destratificator must be either rigidly fixed to a bearing structure or for suspended with a mounting kit supplied with the delivery.
  • The destratificator is connected to power mains via an external terminal box.
  • Electric connections and installations must comply with the product manual and a wiring diagram on the terminal block.
VENTS DRF-OV application example at a stock Uneven distribution of warm and cold air flows in the room without destratificators
Even distribution of warm and cold air flows in the room with destratificators
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Download image "VENTS DRF-OV" for your website (png 318.77Kb)
Download high quality image "VENTS DRF-OV" (psd 1.45Mb)
Download image "VENTS DRFI-OV" for your website (png 301.37Kb)
Download high quality image "VENTS DRFI-OV" (psd 1.27Mb)
"VENTS DRF-OV and DRFI-OV" product description 02-2016 (pdf 225.41Kb)
"VENTS DRF-OV and DRFI-OV" user's manual 05-2021 (V96EN-05) (pdf 1.13Mb)
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