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Pressostat VENTS DTV 500

Pressostat VENTS DTV 500

The pressure differential switch is used to determine air rarefaction or air (non-aggressive gases) pressure drop.

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  • The pressure differential switch is used to determine air rarefaction or air (non-aggressive gases) pressure drop.
  • It is used in ventilation systems to determine air filter clogging degree or belt breaking in centrifugal fans, etc.
  • The pressure switch is designed for surface wall mounting or installation into air ducts on the mounting bracket with two Ø 5 mm openings located at 40 mm center-to-center distance.
  • The switch is suitable both for vertical and horizontal installation. However vertical orientation is preferable because in case of horizontal orientation the switching point will be shifted for 11 Pa.
  • The length of pressure outlet tubes is variable but the relay actuation time increases if the tube length is above 2 m.
  • Install the differential pressure switch above the pressure tapping points.
  • Connect the tubes in such a way as to avoid formation of tubular loops to prevent condensate accumulation inside the tubes.
  • The pressostatt switch of made of plastic.
  • The pressure differential for the pressure switch actuation is set by turning the disk in the casing.
  • The delivery set includes 2 plastic pressure outlets for pressure tap-off, PVC tubes Ø 5 mm and 2 m long.
Mounting with a mounting bracket Metal mounting bracket
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"DTV 500" product description 02-2020 (pdf 244.18Kb)
Download high quality image "DTV 500" (psd 2.51Mb)
"DTV 500" user's manual 11-2020 (V89EN-01) (pdf 201.61Kb)
Download image "DTV 500" for your website (png 620.48Kb)
Overall dimensions
Overall dimensions

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