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Sound-insulated kitchen fan VENTS KSK series

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  • This fan model fits for the following applications:
    • kitchen exhaust ventilation systems;
    • exhaust ventilation systems for removal of post-welding gases;
    • industrial bakery ventilation systems.
  • The fan is designed for ventilation of contaminated, grease-laden, humid and hot air with temperature up to 120 °С in conditions of high air resistance in the system.

  • The fan casing is made of galvanized steel plate and is internally insulated with 50 mm mineral wool layer.
  • The swivel block of the impeller and motor provides easy access to the fan internals for easy and effective cleaning.
  • The intake and exhaust flange diameter match with standard ventilation air ducts.
  • The flanges are equipped with a rubber sealing.
  • The fan is installed in the mounting frames with integrated vibration connectors.
  • The fan is fitted with a reliable maintenance-free single-phase motor with short circuit rotor and a high-efficient steel centrifugal impeller.
  • The impeller is mounted on the motor shaft and is balanced statically and dynamically.
  • The motor has F class motor winding insulation and IP54 ingress protection rating.
  • The fan has both step and smooth speed control options with a transformer or frequency speed controller.
  • Several fans may be connected to one controller if the total power and operating current do not exceed the rated controller parameters.
  • The fan is designed for connection to round air ducts.
  • The fan is fixed to the wall with the mounting bracket KM-KSK (separate delivery).
  • The fan is connected to power mains on the terminal box on the motor.
  • The cable length must be sufficient with respect to the motor-impeller block movement.
Capacity diagram
Capacity diagram
  • Selection method:
  • Air flow:
  • Pressure:
Operating point
  • Air flow: --
  • Pressure: ---
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"VENTS KSK" product description 03-2021 (pdf 1.55Mb)
Download high quality image "VENTS KSK" (psd 2.34Mb)
Download image "VENTS KSK" for your website (png 672.59Kb)
"VENTS KSK" user's manual 08-2018 (V72EN-06) (pdf 1.72Mb)
Designation key
Designation key
Fan series Spigot diameter Motor
Poles Phase
VENTS KSK 150; 160; 200; 250; 315; 355; 400; 450 2
Е: single-phase
D: three-phase
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