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Ventilation units VENTS TwinFresh Expert Duo RA1-30-14

Ventilation units VENTS TwinFresh Expert Duo RA1-30-14
Single-room heat recovery ventilation units. Air capacity 30 m³/h
Model features
  • Single-room air handling units with heat recovery
  • Ventilators for decentralized ventilation
3Д Модель
  • Description
  • Modifications
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  • Energy Labeling & Ecodesign
  • Accessories
  • Arrangement of supply and exhaust ventilation with heat recovery in wet rooms like kitchens, bathrooms, utility rooms.
  • Balanced ventilation due to synchronous supply and exhaust ventilation.
  • Protection from outdoor noise.
  • Reducing heat losses caused by ventilation due to heat recovery.
  • Humidity control by means of the built-in humidity sensor.

Easy maintenance. Indoor unit is opened by a light
press on the latches on both sides.

One of the best regeneration efficiency on the market
due to innovative hexagonal structure of the heat exchanger cells.
 Phase 1 (70 seconds)   Phase 2 (70 seconds) 
  • One fan supplies fresh and cold air from outdoor, which flows through the correspondent part of the ceramic regenerator and absorbs accumulated heat and moisture.
  • Another fan synchronously extracts polluted and warm indoor air, indoor air, that flows through the other part of the ceramic regenerator and transfers heat and moisture to it.
  • After 70 second of operation, the fans change their rotation direction to the opposite and the cycle starts again.
  • Operation mode is controlled with the sensor control panel located on the unit casing or the remote control.
  • TwinFresh Expert Duo can operate either as independent units, or can be wired with other ventilators in a house to be controlled with a master unit. In this case, only a master unit responds to a signal from the remote control.
  • TwinFresh Expert Duo is equipped with a humidity sensor for indoor humidity control. If indoor humidity exceeds a set point, the ventilator boosts to the high speed indepe dently on other interconnected ventilators in the system.
  • The unit is designed for through-the-wall installation inside a prepared hole in an outer wall of the building. TwinFresh Expert Duo must be installed in each wet room (kitchen, bathroom, etc.) to be ventilated, while TwinFresh Expert should be installed in each living room to be ventilated.
Leaflet "VENTS TwinFresh Expert Duo RA1-30-14" (pdf 5.35Mb)
Download image "VENTS TwinFresh Expert Duo RA1-30-14" for your website (png 257.21Kb)
Download high quality image "VENTS TwinFresh Expert Duo RA1-30-14" (psd 2.93Mb)
Installation instruction "Outer ventilation hood with frost protection EH-13" (pdf 1.32Mb)
Energy Labeling & Ecodesign
Energy Labeling & Ecodesign
Trade mark VENTS
Model TwinFresh Expert Duo RA1-30
Specific energy consumption (SEC), kWh/ (m².a) Cold Average Warm
-83 А+ -39 А -14 Е
Type of ventilation unit Bidirectional
Type of drive installed 3-speed
Type of heat recovery system Recuperative
Thermal efficiency of heat recovery, % 85
Maximum flow rate, m³/h 15
Electric power input, W 6.40
Sound power level, dB(A) 51
Reference flow rate, m³/s 0.003
Reference pressure difference, Pa 0
Specific power input (SPI), W/(m³/h) 0.370
Control typology Local demand control
Maximum internal leakage rates, % 2.7
Maximum external leakage rates, % 0
Mixing rate of bidirectional units, % 1
Airflow sensitivity at +20 Pa and -20 Pa 0.40
The indoor/outdoor air tightness, m³/h 0.50
Internet address
Annual electricity consumption (AEC), kWh electricity/a Cold Average Warm
2.7 2.7 2.7
Annual heating saved (AHS), kWh primary energy/a Cold Average Warm
89.2 45.6 20.6
Name Picture Description
EHD-14 white 160   White plastic outer hood
EHD-14 chrome 160   Plastic outer hood with brushed stainless steel cover
CO2-2   CO2 sensor
RP TwinFresh Expert Duo   Air flow separator
MVVM 162 05   Outer hood for mounting from inside
CO2-1 CO2 sensor
RC1 TwinFresh   Remote control
Duct    160-500 (500 mm)
Duct    160-700 (700 mm)
SF TwinFresh Expert Duo R-50 G3   G3 filter (2 pcs.)
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