Series Vents TwinFresh Style Wi-Fi mini

The user-friendly TwinFresh Style Wi-Fi mini ventilator will provide the room with clean and fresh air. Significant reduction in ventilation heat loss due to heat recovery. Humidity balance and regulated air exchange create individually controlled microclimate
  • Heat exchanger type: Regenerative
  • Filter: G3
  • Sound insulation
  • Motor type: EC
  • Control: Smartphone
  • Casing material: Plastic
  • Humidity sensor: Optional
Lineup Vents TwinFresh Style Wi-Fi mini Sound pressure level LpA at 3 m, dB(A) Heat exchanger type CO2 sensor
31 Regenerative
"VENTS TwinFresh Style Wi-Fi mini" product description 02-2021
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"Connection to a "Smart House" system" - connection guide 10-2021 (V133-4-1EN-02)
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"VENTS TwinFresh Style Wi-Fi" user's manual 11-2023 (V222-1EN-04)
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"VENTS TwinFresh Style" user's manual 06-2022 (V222-2EN-02)
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TwinFresh Style Wi-Fi mini - image 1
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