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VENTS Quiet-S series

VENTS Quiet-S series

Intellectual axial low-noise and energy saving fan for exhaust ventilation with air capacity up to 99 m3/h.

Model features
  • For household application
  • Silent mode
  • Extract mode
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  • Innovative exhaust fan with stylish design for new comfort level in shower rooms, bathrooms, kitchens and other residential premises.
  • Maximum air capacity combined with low noise level provide the ideal microclimate.
  • Mounting into ventilation shafts or connection to Ø 100 mm.
The delivery set includes three decorative panels in white, blue and green.
  • Casing and impeller made of high-quality and durable UV-resistant plastic.
  • Specially designed impeller aerodynamic profile provides high air capacity and low noise.
  • The compact design enables wall and ceiling mounting.
  • The shortened spigot for mounting into a ventilation shaft or connection to Ø 100 mm air ducts.
  • The fan is equipped with a specially designed back valve to prevent back flow and heat losses during the fan standby.
  • The fan exhaust spigot incorporates specially designed air rectifiers to reduce air turbulence, increase air pressure and lower noise level.
  • High ingress protection rating ensures makes the fan the ideal solution for ventilation of a bathroom. The electronic components are protected with tight covers.
  • Low energy demand 7.5 W due to new highefficient motor.
  • Maintenance-free bearings contain enough grease for 40 000 hrs non-stop operation.
  • Motor on special anti-vibration dampers for vibration absorbing and silent operation.
  • Motor equipped with overheating protection.

Manual control:

  • Manual control with a room light switch. The switch is not included into delivery set.
  • The fan is controlled by the built-in pull cord switch V. Not applied in case of ceiling mounting.
  • Speed control is possible through a thyristor speed controller, see Electrical Accessories. Several fans may connected to the same controller. Speed controllers can not be connected to the fans with TTHVTVTH, TP modification.

Automatic control:

  • By the electronic control unit BU-1-60 ( see Electrical Accessories). The control unit is supplied separately.
  • By the timer T ( the built-in run-out timer enables the fan operation within 2 to 30 minutes after the fan switching off).
  • By the humidity sensor and timer TH ( if the humidity level in the room exceeds the sensor threshold within 60-90% the fan switches automatically on and operates until the humidity level drops to the standard level, after that the fan continues operating within the set time period and shuts down).


  • Installation directly inside a ventilation shaft.
  • Flexible air ducts may be used in case of remote location of the ventilation shaft. Connection of the air duct to the exhaust flange with a clamp.
  • Wall mounting with screws.
  • Suitable for ceiling mounting.
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"VENTS Quiet-S" product description 02-2017 (pdf 3.32Mb)
Download high quality image "VENTS Quiet-S" (psd 2.67Mb)
Download image "VENTS Quiet-S" for your website (png 643.71Kb)
"VENTS Quiet-Style, Quiet-S" user's manual 11-2017 (V01-(QUIET_STYLE)EN-02) (pdf 3.17Mb)
"VENTS Quiet, Quiet-S, Quiet-Style, Quiet-Mild, Quiet-Disc 100/125" user's manual 11-2022 (V233-1EN-01) (pdf 2.16Mb)
Designation key
Designation key
Quiet-S T Off-delay timer modification with operating time from 2 to 30 min.
Quiet-S TH Off-delay timer modification with the operating time from 2 to 30 min and humidity sensor with threshold from 60 to 90%.
Quiet-S V Pull-cord switch modification.
Quiet-S VT Modification with pull-cord switch and off-delay timer with operating time from 2 to 30 min.
Quiet-S VТН Modification with pull-cord switch, off-delay timer with operating time  from 2 to 30 min and humidity sensor with threshold from 60 to 90%.
Quiet-S ТР Modification with off-delay timer with operating time from 2 to 30 min and motion sensor; reach distance up to 4 m, viewing angle up to 100°.

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