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VENTS VUE H EC Comfo air handling units with heat recovery

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  • The air handling unit VUE H EC Comfo is a fully-featured ventilation unit that ensures air filtration, fresh air supply and stale air extract.
  • During operation the extract air heat is transferred to the supply air stream by the plate heat exchanger. 
  • The units are used in ventilation and air conditioning systems installed in various premises.
  • Due to applied EC-motors the unit energy demand is decreased by 1.5-3 times and noise level is lowered as well.
  • All models are designed for connection to ø150, 160, 200 and 250 mm round air ducts.
  • Made of aluzinc, internally filled with 25 mm mineral wool heat- and sound-insulating layer.
  • Supply and extract air flows are purified through two panel filters with a filtering class G4.
  • Optionally a supply F7 filter may be installed.
  • The units are equipped with high-efficient EC-motors with an external rotor. 
  • These state-of-the-art motors offer the very best in energy efficiency today.
  • EC-motors are characterized with high performance and optimum control across the entire speed range.
  • The high efficiency (up to 90 %) is a definite advantage of the electronically-commutated motors.
  • The VUE 300 H EC Comfo and  VUE 400 H EC Comfo units are equipped with constant flow fans with forward curved blades.
  • These fans provide constant set air flow even in case of variable air resistance in the ventilation system, i.e. in case of clogged filters.
  • The VUE 800 H EC Comfo unit is equipped with fans with backward curved blades.
  • The VUE H/EH EC Comfo units are equipped with a counterflow heat exchanger with an enthalpy membrane at the core.
  • In the cold season the exhaust air heat and moisture are transferred to the supply air stream through the enthalpy membrane reducing the heat losses from ventilation.
  • Consequently, it is the ambient air heat and moisture transferred to the exhaust air stream through the enthalpy membrane in the warm season.
  • This allows for a considerable reduction of the supply air temperature and humidity which, in turn, reduces the air conditioning load. 

  • The unit is equipped with a controller, A6 control panel with LCD display and a wireless remote control.

VUE H EC Comfo control functions:

  • Switching the unit on and off
  • Three fan speeds
  • Each of those is individually adjustable for the supply and the exhaust fans
  • There is a possibility of air damper connection
  • Input for alarm signal from the fire fighting system
  • Relay input for connection of a CO2 / humidity / IAQ or an other sensor that switches the unit to maximum speed
  • Filter clogging control by motor hours
  • Week-scheduled operation setting
  • The unit is designed for wall mounting with a bracket, installation of the floor or suspended ceiling mounting.
  • Any mounting position must enable condensate draining and removal.
  • The filters are accessible for servicing and cleaning through the service panel that must be installed during the mounting stage on the left or on the right side.
Capacity diagram
Capacity diagram
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  • Air flow:
  • Pressure:
Operating point
  • Air flow: --
  • Pressure: ---
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"VENTS VUT/VUE H EC Comfo" product description 11-2017 (pdf 2.8Mb)
Download high quality image "VENTS VUT/VUE H EC Comfo (ErP 2016, 2018)" (psd 4.1Mb)
Download image "VENTS VUT/VUE H EC Comfo (ErP 2016, 2018)" for your website (png 430.94Kb)
"VENTS VUT H EC, VUT H EC Comfo" user's manual 07-2014 (V40EN-03) (pdf 6.79Mb)
Series Rated air flow [m3/h] Spigot orientation Motor type Control
VUE: energy recovery air handling units 300; 400; 800 H: horizontal EC: synchronous electronically commutated motor Comfo: A6 control panel with LCD display
Model Panel filter G4 Panel filter F7 CO2 sensor CO2 sensor with indication Humidity sensor Silencers
VUE 300-1 H EC Comfo SF 378х210х48 G4 SF 378х210х48 F7 CO2-1    CO2-2    HR-S    SR 150 600/900/1200 SRF 150 600/900/1200
VUE 300-2 H EC Comfo SR 160 600/900/1200 SRF 160 600/900/1200
VUE 400 H EC Comfo SF 500х214х48 G4 SF 500х214х48 F7 SR 200 600/900/1200 SRF 200 600/900/1200
VUE 800 H EC Comfo SF 768х280х48 G4 SF 768х280х48 F7 SR 250 600/900/1200 SRF 250 600/900/1200


Model Backdraft dampers Air dampers Clamps Electric actuators Summer inserts
VUE 300-1 H EC Comfo KOM 150 KRV 150 C 150 LF230 TF230 VL R6 366/284
VUE 300-2 H EC Comfo KOM 160 KRV 160 C 160
VUE 400 H EC Comfo KOM 200 KRV 200 C 200 VL R6 366/500
VUE 800 H EC Comfo KOM 250 KRV 250 C 250 VL R6 366/387
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