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VENTS VUTR EH ЕС air handling units with heat recovery

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  • The air handling units VUTR EH EC with an electric heater are the fully-featured ventilation units that ensure air filtration, fresh air supply and stale air extract.
  • Used in ventilation and air conditioning systems in commercial, office and other public or industrial premises that require an economical solution and a controlled ventilation system.
  • The casing consists of a frame and three-layer 20 mm (VUTR 1500 and 2000 – 25 mm) thick panels made of zinc aluminium internally filled with mineral wool for reliable heat- and sound-insulation.
  • The air handling units are equipped with high-efficiency electronically commutated (EC) direct current motors with an external rotor and backward-curved blades.
  • Units equipped with a rotary heat exchanger.
  • As compared to plate heat exchangers, the rotary heat exchangers are distinguished with no condensate forming, ability to maintain comfortable air humidity and extremely low freezing danger.

  • The air handling units are equipped with electric heaters to operate at low outside temperatures.
  • The heaters are equipped with protecting devices to ensure safe and reliable operation of the unit.
  • The two integrated G4 filters ensure sufficient supply and extract air purification.

  • The VUTR EH EC A17 units are equipped with a th-Tune control panel.

  • The VUTR EH EC A18 units are equipped with a pGD1 control panel.

  • Speed selection: low, medium, high.
  • Speed is individually adjusted from 0 to 100 % for the supply and the extract fans.
  • Filter maintenance indication.
  • Alarm indication.
  • Timer-based operation.
  • Week-scheduled operation.
  • Supply air temperature control.
  • CCU control.
  • Air damper actuator controlling.

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Download high quality image "VENTS VUTR 400, 700, 900 EH/WH EC (ErP 2016, 2018)" (psd 4.08Mb)
"VENTS VUTR EH/WH EC" product description 01-2023 (pdf 3.51Mb)
"VENTS VUTR EH EC" user's manual 02-2019 (V76EN-06) (pdf 8.53Mb)
Download image "VENTS VUTR 400, 700, 900 EH/WH EC (ErP 2016, 2018)" for your website (png 215.48Kb)
Download high quality image "VENTS VUTR 1200, 1500 EH/WH EC (ErP 2016, 2018)" (psd 4.49Mb)
Download image "VENTS VUTR 1200, 1500 EH/WH EC (ErP 2016, 2018)" for your website (png 356.99Kb)
Download high quality image "VENTS VUTR 2000 EH/WH EC (ErP 2016, 2018)" (psd 4.5Mb)
Download image "VENTS VUTR 2000 EH/WH EC (ErP 2016, 2018)" for your website (png 220.47Kb)
"BMS parameter table for PCOS004850 module for the VUTR units (with a heat pump)" user’s manual 04-2020 (V197-3EN-02) (pdf 65.99Kb)
"BMS parameter table for PCOS004850 module for VUTR units" user’s manual 10-2020 (V197-2EN-02) (pdf 223.5Kb)
Designation key
Designation key
Series Heat exchanger type Rated air flow [m³/h] Heater type Pipe modification Motor type Control panel
VENTS VUT R: rotary heat exchanger 400; 700; 900; 1200; 1500; 2000 E: electric H: horizontal ЕС: synchronous motor with electronic control А17: th-Tune
А18: pGD1
Model G4 supply pocket filter G4 extract panel filter Module Modbus-RS485 Outdoor air quality sensor Outdoor CO2 sensor Outdoor humidity sensor Outdoor humidity sensor Indoor humidity sensor (0-10 V) Back valves Air damper Electric actuator
VUTR 400 EH ЕС SFK 393x235x27 G4 SF 600x324x48 G4 PCOS004850 DPWQ 30600 DPWQ 40200 DPWC 11200 HR-S HV-2 KOM 160 KRV 160 CM230
VUTR 700 EH ЕС SFK 700x333x27 G4 SF 700x332x48 G4 KOM 250 KRV 250
VUTR 1200 EH ЕС SFK 700x423x27 G4 SF 700x410x48 G4 KOM 315 KRV 315
VUTR 1500 EH ЕС SFK 800x477x27 G4 SF 800x477x47 G4
VUTR 2000 EH ЕС KOM1 500x300 KR 500x300
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