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VENTS VUTR P EC, VENTS VUTR PE EC air handling units with heat recovery

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  • The air handling units VUTR P/PE EC are the fully-featured ventilation units that ensure air filtration, fresh air supply and stale air extract.
  • During the operation process the extract air heat is transferred to the supply air through the rotary heat exchanger.
  • The units are used in ventilation systems installed in various premises that require reasonable energy saving solutions and controllable ventilation systems.
  • EC motors reduce energy demand by 1.5-3 times and ensure high performance and low noise operation.
  • All models are designed for connection to ø160 and 200 mm round air ducts.
  • VUTR P(2) EC models (without an electric heater).
  • VUTR P(2)E EC models (with an electric heater).
  • VUTR P2(E) EC models with a low profile casing and 20 mm insulation.
  • Made of galvanized steel, internally filled with a mineral wool heat- and sound-insulating layer.
  • The insulation thickness is 40 mm for the VUTR P/PE EC models and 20 mm for the VUTR P2/P2E EC models.
  • Unit maintenance is performed from the bottom panel side.
  • The distinctive feature of the VUTR P2/P2E EC units is a low profile casing.
  • Two built-in filters with filtering class G4 and F7 provide efficient supply air filtration.
  • Extract air is cleaned by the integrated G4 filter.
  • The optional H13 filter is available for supply air filtration.
  • The units are equipped with high-efficient EC motors with an external rotor and a centrifugal impeller.
  • These state-of-the-art motors offer the very best in energy efficiency today.
  • EC motors are characterised with high performance and optimum control across the entire speed range.
  • In addition to that, the efficiency of the electronically commutated motor reaches very impressive levels of up to 90 %.

Rotary heat exchanger operation principle

  • The rotary heat exchanger is a short rotating cylinder filled with layers of corrugated aluminium tape packaged in a such way so as to enable free passage of the supply and extract air flows.
  • As the cylinder rotates the aluminium tape contained in the heat exchanger is first exposed to the supply air stream and then – to the extract air stream.
  • As a result the material undergoes repeated warming and heating cycles thereby transferring heat and humidity from the warm air stream to the cold one.
  • As compared to plate heat exchangers, the rotary heat exchangers are distinguished with no condensate forming, ability to maintain comfortable air humidity and extremely low freezing danger.
  • The VUTR PE EC units are equipped (with an electric heater).
  • If heat recovery is not sufficient to reach the set supply air temperature, the heater is activated to warm up supply air.
  • The heaters are equipped with protecting devices to ensure safe and reliable operation of the unit.
  • The VUTR P/P2/PE/P2E EC A17 units are equipped with the th-Tune control panel with an LCD display.
  • The VUTR P/P2/PE/P2E EC A18 units are equipped with the pGD1 control panel with an LCD display.
  • The th-Tune and pGD1 control panels are interchangeable. The standard delivery set includes a 10 m cable for connection to the control panel.

  • Turning the unit on/off.
  • Unit operation mode selection: Automatic mode, Ventilation mode (can be enabled only from the pGD1 control panel).
  • Maintaining a pre-set room temperature by switching the rotary heat exchanger on and off.
  • Automatic reduction of the supply and exhaust ventilation air flow rate to obtain the user-defined minimum allowable supply air temperature.
  • Supply and exhaust fan control.
  • Unit operation according to a pre-programmed schedule.
  • Controlling the electric actuators of the supply and exhaust air dampers.
  • System shutdown on signal from fire fighting system.
  • When connecting external electrical heating elements and/or CCU to the unit, the activation signal controls their operation if cooling/heating is required.
  • Filter contamination control by the number of operating hours.
  • The unit is designed for ceiling, wall or floor mounting on a horizontal surface.
Capacity diagram
Capacity diagram
  • Selection method:
  • Air flow:
  • Pressure:
Operating point
  • Air flow: --
  • Pressure: ---
Brochure "VENTS VUTR P EC, VENTS VUTR PE EC" (pdf 2.15Mb)
Download high quality image "VENTS VUTR P EC, VENTS VUTR PE EC (ErP 2016, 2018)" (psd 3.97Mb)
Download image "VENTS VUTR P EC, VENTS VUTR PE EC (ErP 2016, 2018)" for your website (png 295.96Kb)
Designation key
Designation key
Series Heat exchanger type Rated air flow [m3/h] Spigot orientation Casing design Heater type Motor type Control panel
VENTS VUT R: rotary 250, 350, 650 P: suspended mounting
_: standard (insulation thickness 40 mm)
2: low-profile (insulation thickness 20 mm)
_: without a heater
E: with an electric heater
ЕС: synchronous electronically commutated motor
А17: th-Tune
A18: pGD1


Calculation of air temperature at heat exchanger outlet:

t = tint + keff * (text - tint) / 100,

tint - intake air temperature [°С],
text - extract air temperature [°С],
keff - heat recovery efficiency (as per diagram) [%]

Model G4 panel filter F7 panel filter H13 panel filter Connection module Modbus-RS485 VOC sensor  (0-10 V) COsensor  (0-10 V) Humidity sensor (0-10 V) Humidity sensor (NO)
VUTR 250 P2(E) EC SF 280х205х48 G4 SF 280х205х48 F7 SF 280х205х48 H13 PCOS004850 DPWQ30600 DPWQ40200 DPWС11200 HR-S
VUTR 250 P(E) EC SF 260х260х48 G4 SF 260х260х48 F7 SF 260х260х48 H13
VUTR 350 P2(E) EC SF 372x210x48 G4 SF 372x210x48 F7 SF 372x210x48 H13
VUTR 350 P(E) EC SF 320x270x48 G4 SF 320x270x48 F7 SF 320x270x48 H13
VUTR 650 P(E) EC SF 378x332x48 G4 SF 378x322x48 F7 SF 378x332x48 H13


Model Humidity sensor (0-10 V) Kitchen hood Back valves Air dampers Clamps Electric actuator
VUTR 250 P2(E) EC HV-2 KH-1 КОМ 160 KRV 160 C 160 LF230 TF230
VUTR 250 P(E) EC
VUTR 350 P2(E) EC
VUTR 350 P(E) EC
VUTR 650 P(E) EC КОМ 200 KRV 200 C 200
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