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VENTS PR 800x500

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PR plate heat exchanger with X-shaped air passage designed for exhaust air heat recovery in conditioning and ventilating systems. The heat exchangers are connected directly to the rectangular ducts both with parallel and perpendicular or diagonal ducting at 45°. Various connection modification are possible due to bend fittings which shall be ordered in the required quantity. The transported air shall not contain solid, fibrous, aggressive and explosive impurities.

The heat exchanger casing is made of galvanized steel. The surface of the heat exchanger appears as a package of thin aluminium plates to ensure the efficient heat exchange. Provision is made for collecting some quantity of the condensate which tends to appear at exhaust surface at the bottom removable panel. PR heat exchangers equipment list includes connecting pipe on the bottom panel for condensate removing.



Efficiency is the basic characteristics of the plate heat exchanger, i.e. performance as well as air resistance in the duct.

The thermal efficiency is calculated as follows:

ts - supply air temperature after heat recuperation;
ti - intake air temperature before heat recuperation;
te - extract air temperature before heat recuperation.

Possible layout arrangements of PR heat exchanger and bends PK:

1. PK bend

Designed for easy mounting of the heat exchanger in any modifications of the air duct. Bend designation PK 600 х 300.

Type Dimensions [mm] weight [kg]
B B1 B2 H H1 H2
PK 400x200 400 420 440 200 220 240 2.2
PK 500x250 500 520 540 250 270 290 3.3
PK 500x300 500 520 540 300 320 340 3.5
PK 600x300 600 620 640 300 320 340 4.5
PK 600x350 600 620 640 350 370 390 4.7
PK 700x400 700 720 740 400 420 440 5.9
PK 800x500 800 820 840 500 520 540 7.5
PK 900x500 900 920 940 500 520 540 8.7
PK 1000x500 1000 1020 1040 500 520 540 10.3


2. Summer block VL

For the summer period the heat exchanger can be replaced with the summer block VL which performs no heat recovery but reduces pressure loss by 10%. It is applied in systems without by-pass at the inlet and in systems with no cooling.

Parameter PR 800x500
Measurement unit
Spigot size 800х500 mm
Casing material galvanized steel -
Width 800 mm
Height 500 mm
Heat exchanger material aluminium -
Duct for rectangular air ducts -
Weight 61.1 kg
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Download high quality image "PR for rectangular ducts" (psd 1.95Mb)
"PR for rectangular ducts" product description 02-2016 (pdf 167.58Kb)
Download image "PR for rectangular ducts" for your website (png 413.14Kb)
VENTS PR 800x500
Parameter Value Measurement unit
B 800 mm
B1 820 mm
B2 840 mm
H 500 mm
H1 520 mm
H2 540 mm
H3 575 mm
L 930 mm
Additional diagrams
Additional diagrams

Series   Flange designation (WxH), mm


  400х200; 500х250; 500х300; 600х300; 600х350; 700х400; 800х500; 900х500; 1000х500


  400х200; 500х250; 500х300; 600х300; 600х350; 700х400; 800х500; 900х500; 1000х500
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