Series Vents AirVENTS RP

Heat recovery ventilation unit
  • Heat exchanger type: Rotary
  • Sound insulation
  • Motor type: EC
  • Casing material: Aluzinc steel
  • The brand new premium line of commercial heat recovery air handling units for ceiling mounting with high-efficient heat exchanger.
  • Available in two standard sizes based on the air flow capacity of 1500 and 2500 m³/h.
  • Optionally accomplished with electric heater (RP-HE series) or water heater (RP-HW series) and ready for operation with all necessary control elements.

  • High-efficient EC fans, backward-curved, external rotor. Low power consumption at any speed, low noise level and stable operation in any climate conditions.
  • Integrated plug-and-play controls on the basis of the Carel kVent.controller. Easy connecting via web-interface using the Ethernet-Modbus and BACnet.
  • Insulated double-skin frameless casing.
  • High-efficient aluminum rotary heat exchanger.
  • The casing panels are made of steel with zinc-aluminium coating and internally lined with 40 mm heat- and sound-insulating mineral wool layer. The units have C4 corrosion resistance class in compliance with ISO 12944. Each model is available in left- and right-handed modifications. The units have service access on both sides and on the bottom.
  • Washable F7, G4 (optional) panel filters in exhaust and supply air streams.
  • Integrated control panels:
    • A30 th-Tune: standard control panel with handy interface ensures basic setup of parameters.
    • A32 pGDe: control panel with expanded functionality ensures complete setup of parameters.
  • Integrated automatic external dampers with Belimo actuators.
  • ECO-Design’18 compliant.
  • Supplied units come with “Plug-&-Play” control system based on Carel programmable controller. Depending on the unit configuration, the system is fitted with 3 temperature sensors: outside, supply, and exhaust air temperature; return water temperature sensor and frost protection relay for water heater configuration; overheating protection relay for electric heater configuration. Standard controller outputs allow to connect various additional sensors. The list of the optional sensors may be found in the accessories section.
  • Plug-and-play control system is fitted with Carel th-Tune control panel which ensures basic setting options and has user friendly interface. Carel PGDe extended control panel may be fitted on request and provides more flexibility and sophisticated control adjustments. The compact dimensions and elegant design make both suitable for all types of premises.
Default control system functions and optional features are listed below (th-Tune):
  • Operation in comfort, precomfort or economy mode.
  • Temperature control.
  • Weekly schedule setting: holiday and special day functions, selection of up to four daily time bands with settings for each operating mode.
  • Coils and heat exchanger auto protection.
  • Air pressure control, air flow and humidity control (with optional sensors).
  • Air quality control (with optional CO₂/IAQ sensors.
  • Freecooling or freeheating mode (according to model).
  • Pumps control, overload alarms and anti-blocking for each pump (according to model).
  • MODBUS supervisor protocol and user friendly WEB-interface via Ethernet port.
  • PGDe panel’s extended settings.
  • Parameters settings divided by level (user, installer or manufacturer) with password-protected access.
  • 3 adjustable fan speeds.
  • Priority to temperature or humidity control by room/supply/extract sensors.

Rotary heat exchanger is made of two types of material:

  • Sensible type (standard).
  • Enthalpy type. Hygroscopic coating is applied on tape, providing additional latent heat transfer from one stream to another. This feature is especially useful when using a rotor in hot and humid areas in conjunction with air conditioning system.

The advantages are: high efficiency, keeping comfortable humidity and low risk of freezing.

Plug fans with EC motors are used for projects that require high energy efficiency. The advantages of this type of fan are: extremely low power consumption at any speed, no need for external speed control and compact size due to motor with external rotor.

Frameless casing design excludes thermal bridges, usual for aluminum or steel frame. This significantly increases thermal resistance and reduces heat loss, especially for outdoor installation. It also prevents condensation on the surface when air cooling is on. Casing is made of zinc-aluminum coated sheet steel heat- and sound-insulated with 40 mm mineral wool layer.
Benefits of frameless casing:
  • Better thermal resistance.
  • Lower weight of the unit.
  • No thermal bridges.
  • Suitable for outdoor installation in cold climate.
  • High mechanical strength.
Lineup Vents AirVENTS RP Phases Maximum supply voltage, V Maximum airflow, m3/h Sound pressure level LpA at 3 m, dB(A) Heat exchanger material Extract filter Supply filter Service side
1 277 1500 41 Aluminum F7 F7 Universal
1 277 2500 43 Aluminum F7 F7 Universal
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