Series Vents Arc Smart

Series Vents Arc Smart - Smart - Residential axial fans
Intelligent low noise fan for exhaust ventilation
  • Motor type: DC
  • Control: Smartphone
  • Impeller type: Axial
  • Motion sensor
  • Humidity sensor: Built-in
  • Timer: Turn off timer
  • Intelligent integrated control functions allow to adjust personal settings for the most balanced microclimate.
  • A wide range of operating modes is available for high comfort.
  • The unique impeller shape and modern DC motor ensure both extremely quiet operation and high performance.
  • The DC motor ensures a low energy consumption level of 2.7 W only, even at maximum speed.
  • Air quality sensor available for comprehensive room pollution control.
  • Advanced fan control options available via your smartphone.
  • High water protection level allows for the fan to be installed over the shower.
  • Besides, the fan is connected to a DC 12 V power supply, which allows to install it even on yachts and motorhomes.
  • Black and white design colors available.
  • Specially designed motor on ball bearings and aerodynamically optimized impeller shape provide super silent operation at only 0.9 dBA, and high performance.
  • The bearings are maintenance-free and are filled with grease for the whole motor service life.
  • The motor is equipped with overheating protection.
  • The fan has IP44 ingress protection rating and can be installed in Zone 1 of bathrooms.

Due to replaceable spigots the fan is suitable for mounting with Ø100 or Ø125 mm air ducts.

Ease of use: the motor unit and the impeller can be easily removed with no special tools necessary.

The fan is controlled via a smartphone app, where you can set up sensor-based and mode-based fan operation. You can also use the app to connect the fan to a home Wi-Fi network or cloud server. Remote control options ensure high comfort of your ventilation.


The fan has an integrated intelligent humidity sensor with the following operating modes:

  • Manual mode allows to set the humidity level in the range from 40 % to 80 %. If this threshold is exceeded, the fan switches to the preset speed from the range of 60, 90 m³/h or maximum speed.
  • Auto — intelligent air quality control. This mode provides for humidity level change in automatic mode. The fan autonomously selects the optimum humidity level for the room, in which it is installed. The choice of the fan operation algorithm is determined based on analyzing the indoor air quality level statistics.


  • When the motion sensor is triggered, the fan will switch to the preset speed of 40, 60, 90 or 115 m³/h. The fan speed can be preset in the app. Once there is no motion detected, the turn-off delay timer turns on. Once its countdown is up, the fan will return to the previous operating mode.


  • The lighting sensor works autonomously. It collects statistical data about the natural indoor light level and is triggered by an abrupt change in the light level. Daily natural light level changes do not trigger the sensor.


  • Manual mode allows you to set the air quality sensor sensibility level based on the air quality index, ranging from 50 to 250 units. If the air pollution level exceeds the preset level, the fan switches to the speed that is preset in the app from the range of 60, 90 m³/h, or maximum speed.
  • Auto mode enables intelligent air quality control. This mode provides for changing the air quality level and fan speed in automatic mode. The fan autonomously determines the optimal threshold that triggers the air quality sensor and is only triggered by abrupt changes in the indoor air quality.


  • Turn-off delay timer is set in the app and designed to prolong the fan operation for 5, 15, 30 or 60 minutes if a sensor is triggered or the Boost mode is activated.
  • Turn-on delay timer is fixed and set at 30 sec. It is triggered by the lighting sensor or humidity sensor to prevent the ventilator from turning on if the visit is short.

  24 HOURS

  • The fan operates continuously at a speed of 20, 40 or 60 m³/h (preset in the app). If sensors are triggered, the fan switches to the speed adjusted in the app to match the respective sensor triggering.


  • This mode is only available when the 24 Hours mode is off. If the interval ventilation mode is activated, the fan turns on for 30 minutes every 12 hours at the speed of 20, 40 or 60 m³/h (preset in the app).


  • This function allows for setting the time interval during which the fan will not respond to sensors being triggered.


  • The fan operates at the maximum speed during the turn-off delay timer countdown.

Lineup Vents Arc Smart Connected air duct size, mm Maximum airflow, m3/h Sound pressure level LpA at 3 m, dB(A) Motion sensor Humidity sensor VOC sensor Timer
100/125 140 28 Turn off timer
Turn on timer
100/125 140 28 Turn off timer
Turn on timer
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