Series Vents Breezy

Series Vents Breezy - Advanced - Decentralized HRU for residential buildings
Smart HRV units for single-room ventilation
  • Heat recovery efficiency: 85 %
  • Filter: G3
  • Motor type: EC
  • Preheater: Electric
  • Control: Smartphone
  • Humidity sensor

Breezy – is modern and efficient solution for ensuring a comfortable microclimate and necessary air exchange in new and renovated residential and public premises. 

Advantages of the
BREEZY single-room unit

Clean air

Warm ventilation

Humidity control

Healthy sleep

Quiet operation

Mold prevention

Smart functionality

Modern design

Optimal microclimate
in any premises




Breezy simultaneously supplies filtered outdoor air and removes stale indoor air through a single opening in the external wall


The highest performance among competitors and a unique air distribution system allow for the installation of just one device in rooms up to 50 m² (depending on the type of room and the number of occupants)


The innovative system monitors air quality using temperature, humidity, CO2, and tVOC sensors, while electric heating ensures comfortable temperatures in winter


The highly efficient copper recuperator with antibacterial properties helps save on heating and air conditioning: warm air is supplied in winter and cool air in summer


The recuperator has an intelligent control system via a smartphone app. It can also be connected to Google Home for control over all devices in your home in a single system

Operation principle

Simultaneous supply of filtered outdoor air and extraction of stale indoor air through a single opening in the external wall. The extracted air transfers its heat to the incoming air in winter and coolness in summer without mixing the streams. This allows the device to maintain an optimal room temperature, reducing heating or air conditioning costs.

Copper heat exhenger
  • the use of high-quality refined copper guarantees significant performance thermal conductivity and antiseptic properties;
  • patented technology and know-how in the form of wavy ribs significantly increase the contact surface for maximum efficiency;
  • a new and modern automated recuperator production line ensures stable quality;
  • the design of the recuperator has low air resistance, so the fans consume less electricity and create less noise.

Control all functions and parameters via the mobile app and monitor your air quality with indicators and visualized graphs.

And even more: just say 'Hi, Google' and test, control, and launch Breezy in English, German, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Polish, Dutch, French, Spanish languages (availability of the feature may depend on your country, region, and language)."
Lineup Vents Breezy Maximum airflow, m3/h Sound pressure level LpA at 3 m, dB(A) Heat exchanger material CO2 sensor VOC sensor
57 42 Copper
57 42 Copper
70 45 Copper
70 45 Copper
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