Series Vents HBF

HBF is a series of design ceiling exhaust fans from VENTS, the world`s leader in domestic ventilation. A variety of universal decorative panels is the final touch of ventilation in your interior design
  • Timer: Turn off timer
  • Humidity sensor
  • HBF is the most powerful and quiet fan for ceiling exhaust systems among our residential product range fans.
  • With an air capacity up to 482 m3/h, it is one of the top fans on the market.
  • Easy installation and service due to optimized design.
  • High efficiency by the forward curved impeller.
  • Integrated low-resistant backdraft damper.
  • Silent operation through optimal casing design.
  • Trouble-free with 5 years’ warranty.
Modifications and options:
  • HBF 250 T – modification with a turn-off delay timer adjustable from 2 to 30 minutes.
  • HBF 250 TH – modification with a turn-off delay timer adjustable from 2 to 30 minutes and humidity sensor with threshold from 60% to 90%.


  • In accordance with ISO 5801:2017 for airflow rating.
  • In accordance with ISO 3741:2010 for sound data.
  • HBF fan decorative panels suit for any bathroom or kitchen ceiling design.
  • Choose a panel from the range of round or square panels with or without light.

Easy mounting due to optimized design

High quality matt ABS plastic

Integrated LED light for comfort

Matt panel

RV HBF 250 Round flat round white matt panel

RV HBF 250 Round Black flat round black matt panel

RV HBF 250 Square Black flat square black matt panel

RV HBF 250 Square flat square white matt panel

Matt panel with led light

RV HBF 250 Round Light Tri-Color flat round white panel with LED light

RV HBF 250 Square Light Tri-Color flat square white panel with LED light

LED light characteristics:


Power input [W]Luminous power [Lm]Color temperature [K]Beam angle
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