Series Vents iFan

Vents iFan is an intellectual axial fan for exhaust ventilation
  • Motor type: DC
  • Control: Remote Control
  • Impeller type: Axial
  • Humidity sensor: Built-in
  • Timer: Interval timer
  • Motion sensor
  • Integrated intellectual sensors adjust the unit's operation, allowing to create the most balanced microclimate.
  • Modern DC motor and an aerodynamic shape of the impeller ensure as low noise level as possible: just 17 dBA, meanwhile preserving high performance of the unit.
  • The fan features an extra thin casing: it is just 29 mm thick.
  • The range of colour options for the removable decorative panels will make your interior unique.

Ruby star

Black sapphire




Purple topaz

  • Reliable motor on ball bearings with minimal power consumption.
  • The bearings are maintenance-free and are filled with grease for the whole motor service life.
  • The unit is powered through an integrated power supply unit with a broad voltage range of 100–240 V (50–60 Hz), so the unit can be applied in different countries and its operation remains stable under power fluctuations.
  • The motor is equipped with overheating protection.
  • The motor is installed on an antivibration connector to absorb vibrations and ensure low-noise operation of the unit.

Removable spigots allow the unit to be mounted with Ø 100 mm or Ø 125 mm air ducts.

The motor unit and the impeller can be easily removed with no special tools necessary for comfortable maintenance.


The basic model with intellectual humidity control.
The model with intellectual humidity control and additional motion sensor-based control.

In order to control the intellectual functions, the unit is equipped with a special control panel, where you can set up the fan's operation based on operation modes and sensors.

Operation modes

The fan has 4 modes of operation:

  • Standby mode. In this mode, the fan does not operate unless a sensor is triggered or the external switch is used.
  • 24 HOURS. The unit operates in permanent ventilation mode at the minimum speed.
  • SILENT. This operating mode is run when the external switch is on, or when the humidity level is increased.
  • MAX. This mode is run when the humidity level is increased.

  HUMIDITY MODE / Humidity control setup

The fan is equipped with an intellectual humidity sensor. It auntonomously selects an optimal humidity threshold for the room it is installed in by analyzing humidity level statistics. There are three fan operating modes available:

  • Standby mode.
  • SILENT. In this operating mode the impeller's rotation speed ensures low-noise operation.
  • MAX. In this operating mode the impeller's rotation speed ensures maximum performance.


The fan is equipped with three timers:

  • Humidity removal timer. It starts working after the indoor humidity level is stabilized to ensure humidity removal.
  • Turn-off delay timer. When the external switch is turned off, or the motion sensor is triggered (for Vents IFan Move models), the fan operates for a preset time, and then returns to standby mode.
  • Turn-on delay timer. If visit the bathroom frequently, you may set up the fan so that it turns on less frequently. When the humidity sensor or the external motion sensor are triggered, or whem the external switch is on (for Vents IFan Move models), the fan will not increase its speed immediately, but with a preset time delay.

  MOVE / Motion sensor (for the iFan Move model)

The unit turns on and enters the SILENT mode when the motion sensor is triggered. The sensor's detection distance is 1-4 m, the field of view is 100°.

Lineup Vents iFan Connected air duct size, mm Maximum airflow, m3/h Sound pressure level LpA at 3 m, dB(A) Humidity sensor Timer Electric power input, W Motion sensor
133 32 3.8
133 32
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