Series Vents TwinFresh Style

Style is a modern and efficient solution to ensure comfortable microclimate within a room and required air exchange in the renovated rooms, new, just-settled buildings or reconstructed apartments
  • Heat exchanger type: Regenerative
  • Filter: G3 (G4 F7 опционально)
  • Sound insulation
  • Motor type: EC
  • Control: Built-in control panel
  • Casing material: Plastic
  • Humidity sensor: Optional
  • Heat recovery efficiency: 90 %
Lineup Vents TwinFresh Style Sound pressure level LpA at 3 m, dB(A) Heat exchanger type
26 Regenerative
26 Regenerative
"VENTS TwinFresh Style" product description 12-2022
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"VENTS TwinFresh Style" user's manual 06-2022 (V222-2EN-02)
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"Outer ventilation hood with frost protection ЕH-13" installation instruction 05-2018 (V113-10EN-01)
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BIM/CAD models
TwinFresh Style
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TwinFresh Style - image 1
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