Series Vents VDO

Axial smoke extraction fans with air capacity up to 114 000 m³/h

The fans are used for extraction of smoke in case of fire and removal of hot air outside. The fans are also used for general ventilation systems.


The fans are rated for permanent operation at ambient air temperatures from -60 °C up to +50 °C (depends on climatic category, see the Designation key). The fans are able to operate 2 hours at the temperatures +300 °C and +400 °C.

The fans with a fire resistance class of 200 °C/2 hours can be produced on request. The characteristics of the 200 °C/2 hours fans are completely identical to 300 °C/2 hours fans.


The fan consists of a casing, an impeller and a motor. The metal casing with rolled flanges helps achieve outstanding rigidity and minimum clearances between the casing and the blades. There is an inspection hatch in the casing for easy maintenance.

All the casing components are powder coated for improved protection against the environmental effects. The weight of the fans may differ from the one stated in the catalogue and depends on the components used (motor, terminal box, etc.).


The fans are equipped with three-phase (400 V/50 Hz) motors. Motor ingress protection rating is IP55. Depending on the model, the fans have single- or double-speed modifications.

  • The single-speed models are equipped with 2-, 4- or 6-pole motors.
  • The double-speed models are equipped with 2/4-, 4/6- or 4/8-pole motors.


Depending on the size and the required air capacity the fans are equipped with impellers with 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 or 12 blades angled from 20° to 50° to ensure precise matching of fans with the operating point. The specially designed impeller blades ensure high efficiency of the fan while keeping noise well under control. The impellers are dynamically balanced. Low weight and low moment of the impeller inertia help reduce the fan start-up time. The fan blades are made of cast aluminium.


The fans can be mounted on any flat surface or directly into a ventilation duct. The units are suitable for both horizontal and vertical configurations. Installation in the air duct requires flanges to attach the fan to the ductwork. To attach the fan to the floor, the wall or the ceiling use the O-AF carriers (not included as standard, should be purchased separately).

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