Vents is a company with many years of experience offering a wide range of state-of-the-art ventilation equipment designed for meeting any ventilation needs. Our products are distinguished by high quality, balanced technical specifications and comply with European and international requirements in terms of energy-efficiency, reliability and safety, which is confirmed by relevant certificates and completed projects around the globe. Our goal lies in creating products based on continuous development and improvement that will always meet the needs of the most demanding customer.
25 years of growth

From the moment of incorporation more than 25 years ago, our company has come a long way of evolvement and growth from a small manufacturing enterprise to a world’s leading ventilation company. Today Vent’s leading position is backed by significant 

production volumes, vast geography of sales, a high share of exports, as well as by recognition from our partners throughout the world and company’s honorary membership in reputable global climate industry expert associations.

representative offices worldwide
countries around the globe
90,000 m²
of production facilities

Vents is a part of the international group of companies Blauberg Group, which is widely represented on all continents and has production facilities in 5 countries around the world. Blauberg Group is currently the fastest growing international group in the field of ventilation.

This allows Vents to implement the best European experience in creating modern ventilation systems and gain popularity for its products in various markets.

Production capacities
Company’s production facilities cover the area of over 90,000 sq.m. The company enjoys a complete closed production loop and utilizes the most sophisticated equipment. The company employs around 3,000 highly qualified specialists that bring ventilation solutions into life from an idea on a design board to completed hi-tech product on the production line. All units of the company work as a clock due to implementation of the Lean Production management concept. 
The company produces each year around 5 mln household fans, almost 350 thousand units of industrial ventilation equipment, as well as more than 22 thousand of supply and exhaust and air handling units. The total assortment of Vents products includes over 30 thousand articles for various market sectors, consumer groups and geographical regions.

Innovation and technology

One of the main factors of Vents’ success is innovation. The company designs and implements modern technology solutions in all of its production stages, which allows producing products that best meet the expectations and needs of customers. Innovation by Vents means a holistic approach to utilizing our expertise, world’s best practices and state-of-the-art technologies in ventilation equipment production. The company updates and improves its product lines each year based on current trends and customer feedback. Being oriented towards customer needs and due to implementation of innovations, Vents is able to hold leading positions on the global ventilation market and directly shape its trends.

highly qualified engineers
specialized laboratories

R&D centre

The intellectual heart of the company is its own R&D unit with 13 specialized laboratories that employ 380 highly qualified engineers designing new engineering solutions for optimizing consumer properties of our products. The main areas of innovation are energy-efficiency, versatility, smart properties, control automation and design of products. 365 obtained international patents evidence the fruits of intellectual work by engineers at Vents.


All ideas and designs that Vents R&D professionals come up with are translated into experimental prototypes made using computer 3D models. Each prototype of a prospective product undergoes a series of experimental and testing procedures in research laboratories, where they are tested for compliance with technical and aerodynamic parameters. All new ventilation products entering the market are accompanied by relevant certificates and international patents.

Modern technologies

Many solutions offered by the company come in the form of sophisticated smart equipment that can be operated both in manual and automatic modes that allow independently change the operating parameters depending on the quality of air in the room. Automation systems allow integrating ventilation units into the Smart Home system, control it through Wi-Fi via a smartphone or tablet from any location in the world, as well as а connect devices into a single network for synchronous operation. The assortment of Vents products includes various smart solutions both for private residences, apartments, and for commercial and industrial segments of the market.

Vents is one of the world’s leading companies in producing energy-efficient equipment. Many solutions offered by Vents allow consumers minimize the electricity costs incurred when operating ventilation equipment. One of such energy-efficient solutions is utilization in our fans highly efficient ЕС motors with high efficiency factor and low noise. ЕС technologies meet the most current requirements in terms of designing energy-efficient and controlled ventilation equipment and allow reducing energy consumption up to 35% in comparison with induction motors. 
Utilization of a variety of heat exchangers in ventilation units allows keeping warmth in the room during cold seasons and keep the room cool during summer, as well as reducing consumer heating and air conditioning costs. Some Vents products are equipped with heat pumps, which in turn allows using geothermal energy and minimizing energy costs.

International recognition 

VENTS is a member of a number reputable international expert HVAC organizations. Since 2008, the company has been a full-fledged member of HARDI (Heating Air-conditioning & Refrigeration Distributors International, USA).

VENTS is the only Ukrainian ventilation equipment producer that is a member of both HARDI and HVI organizations in the USA.