Vents has a comprehensive and complete cycle of production of high-technology industrial products ranging from manufacturing of accessories to a completely finished product. 

More than 30 million units of goods come off the assembly lines each year. Having its own manufacturing capacities for production of all parts, elements and assemblies, as well properly organized internal logistics, enables the company to maintain the balance between the high quality of the products and a reasonable pricing policy.
Workshop for manufacturing domestic fans
Workshop for manufacturing domestic fans includes three assembly lines and one preparation site, an engineering laboratory for electronic circuit boards incoming quality control and programming, as well as finished products unloading site. Here approximately 1,300 models and modifications of Vents domestic fans are produced. Each year, around 6 million units of finished products come off this workshop’s assembly lines, which makes over 10% share on the world’s market.
Workshop for manufacturing domestic and commercial supply and exhaust units
Workshop for manufacturing domestic and commercial supply and exhaust units is one of the most rapidly developing divisions of the company. High technologies and creative design solutions allow producing here a wide range of supply and exhaust units of various capacity, functionality and purpose. These complex smart devices are equipped with energy-efficient motors, heat exchangers, air filters and integrated automation systems. Such systems allow changing equipment operation mode automatically depending on the environment conditions or at user’s discretion. Each year, over 120 thousand domestic and commercial supply and exhaust units are assembled in this workshop.
Workshop for AirVENTS unit assembly
Workshop for AirVENTS unit assembly is a division where large air-handling units are assembled, which are designed for creating compact yet multifunctional ventilation systems. Manufactured equipment is offered in 14 standard typical sizes with air flow capacity ranging from 1,500 to 128,000 m³/h. The main advantage of AirVENTS units is their modularity, which allows joining functional sections of the units in any sequence based on specific service conditions. Each year Vents assembles over 3 thousand AirVENTS units.
Workshop for industrial ventilation equipment manufacturing
Workshop for industrial ventilation equipment manufacturing produces a wide range of equipment for creating comprehensive ventilation systems of various purposes. State-of-the-art high-technology equipment and professionalism of Vents employees allow manufacturing fans and ventilation components for round air ducts with diameter 80 to 455 mm and rectangular ducts with dimensions ranging from 400х200 to 1000х500 mm. Each year, the workshop produces up to 1.2 million units of ventilation equipment.
Metal processing workshop
Metal processing workshop boasts an impressive number of sophisticated high-technology metal processing equipment from world’s leading manufacturers, such as TRUMPF Group, PANASONIC Welding Systems, SALVAGNINI Group, AMADA Co., HAAS Automation among others. Such equipment allows manufacturing most of the parts and assemblies for further furnishing of the finished products. Hydraulic sheet-bending and coordinate punching press, machine tools for metal laser cutting, robots for automatic electric arc welding of complex parts, universal panel bending machines, welding and rolling machines, metal processing stations, wire EDM machines – the workshop has everything it needs for manufacturing metal products of any level of complexity.
Two workshops for injection plastic moulding
Two workshops for injection plastic moulding comprise a formidable manufacturing complex consisting of 110 injection-moulding machines with an operating injection volume of 50 to 3,500 cm³, including over 1000 moulds for manufacture of elements of various complexity. Within the production process, around 10 types of polymers from world’s leading manufacturers (BASF, Lotte, LG Chem, Kumho, INEOS Styrolution, Clariant, Tosaf and others) are used, which guarantees high operational and aesthetic qualities of the finished Vents products. The workshop operates 24/7 processing around 400 thousand kilos of raw materials and producing around 7.5 million various parts each month.
Extrusion workshop
Extrusion workshop is equipped with state-of-the-art extrusion lines supplied by German and Italian manufacturers, which allow manufacturing not only traditional round and flat PVC-ducts under “Plastivent” trademark, but also flexible semi-rigid corrugated channels under “Flexivent” trademark, cable ducts (pipes and ducts) and profiles for assembled grates. For plastic products manufacturing we use high quality raw materials supplied by the best world-renowned manufacturers (Anwil, Clariant, INEOS Styrolution, MOL and others).
Painting workshop
Painting workshop consists of several sections and is equipped with sophisticated automated lines for powder polymer coating of casing elements made of cold-rolled and galvanized sheet steel. To strengthen this site, a new automatic powder coating line by Gema (Switzerland) was recently installed, which represents a complex of high-technology equipment for preliminary preparation of surfaces, covering metals with powder coating and subsequent baking in a polymerization oven.
Workshop for spiral-wound ducts manufacturing
Workshop for spiral-wound ducts manufacturing produces goods under its own “Spirovent” trademark. Air ducts are manufactured from strands of galvanized and stainless steel by spiral winding on a Swiss automated line. The equipment installed is of the newest generation and enables higher efficiency in comparison with previous analogues. Air ducts manufactured on this line are characterized by highest joint tightness and absolutely smooth inner surface. A wide range of galvanized shaped products are manufactured in this workshop, such as couplings, nipples, bends, tees, transitions, crosses and plugs, which allows assembling air duct systems of any complexity.
Workshop for flexible air ducts manufacturing
Workshop for flexible air ducts manufacturing produces a wide range of products under its own trademarks “Polivent”, “Aluvent”, “Isovent” and “Thermovent”. The air ducts are manufactured using high-technology equipment of world’s leading manufacturers and are made from quality European materials (aluminium foil, metallized polyester film, PVC-film, polyurethane, aluminium, galvanized and stainless steel). Thanks to this, all manufactured products are environmentally safe and comply with the highest international quality standards, as well as meet the requirements for leak integrity, rigidness, non-flammability, safety and other parameters.
Ventilation grilles assembly workshop
Ventilation grilles assembly workshop is one of the very first production facilities of the company. Today the workshop produces over 1.4 million units of products per month and around 17 million per year. Vents’ range of ventilation grilles boasts a variety of types, sizes and designs of grilles for ceiling and wall mounting, for outdoor and indoor use. This facility has the state-of-the-art automated line for packaging finished products by Schur (Denmark) and SMIPack FP 6000 (Italy) automatic sealer with a shrink tunnel installed, which allows meeting any demands of retail and professional segments. Also, there is a line for heat-sealing of mosquito screens operating in the workshop, which ensures high technological effectiveness and speed of the production process. Packaging for different product lines is developed separately and today there are around 50 types of packaging available. 
Electrical elements assembly workshop
Electrical elements assembly workshop is a high-technology production area where all automatics and control elements of Vents ventilation products are produced. Assembly procedure is organized in compliance with the latest European technology procedures using parts supplied by the world’s leading manufacturers. Company professionals carry out assembly of goods of any degree of complexity ranging from control units and regulators for domestic, commercial and industrial fans to automatics for supply and exhaust units and most sophisticated control panels of modular air handling units.