Series Vents DP-RC/C

Series Vents DP-RC/C - Diffusers - Diffusers and valves
DP-RC/C flush-mounted diffuser series
  • Distribute indoor air flow equally and ensure comfort, remaining barely noticeable.
  • The decorative panels are fixed with magnets, which allows for easy and fast maintenance.
  • Round and square panel shapes are available to match the room's geometry.
  • Made of eco-friendly high-density foam.
  • Easy mounting under suspended ceiling, attached to various elements of air duct systems.
  • Pressure loss is minimized due to the aerodynamic shape of the diffuser.
  • For both supply and extract ventilation.
  • A special segmented throttle enables you to control the air flow (included in the delivery set).

Multi-purpose use

Due to the availability of two types of flanges (metallic ones and plastic ones), the diffuser can be connected to metal, rigid or flexible ducts.

Style and comfort

The flush-mounted diffuser is a modern solution intended to create minimalistic interior design. They effectively perform their indoor air distribution function without interfering with the design and the aesthetics of the space. Moreover, the diffuser can be painted to match your preferences.

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